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Paramount Studios presents
Blue's Clues: Blue's Big Musical Movie (2000)

"We just figured out Blue's clues because we're really smart!"
- Steve

Review By: Alexandra Orozco (14) and Bob Mandel (36)   
Published: October 02, 2000

Stars: Steven Burns, Blue
Other Stars: Ray Charles and the Persuasions
Director: Todd Kessler

Manufacturer: CADDS
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Run Time: 01h:18m:00s
Release Date: October 03, 2000
UPC: 097368397248
Genre: music

Image Transfer
Audio Transfer
A- C+B+B B-

DVD Review

Alex: Blue's Big Musical Movie is about an animated dog named Blue, and his friend, Steve. Blue, his animated friends and the viewers help Steve find clues to solve mysteries. Blue's Clues is the show that comes on Nick Jr. every day; it and the movie are mainly for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Blue's Big Musical Movie starts off with Blue and his (her? its?) friends (Mr. Salt, Ms. Peeper, Bucket, Shovel, Mailbox, Sidetable, Slippery, and Tickety) trying to wake up Steve. After they wake Steve up they start getting ready for the day. First Steve, Blue, and their friends eat breakfast, and then they practice for Blue's musical show, which will be in the backyard at the end of the day. While practicing, Blue's duet partner, Tickety, loses her voice. So Blue tells Steve to look for clues that he leaves to figure out which friend he wants to be his new duet partner. Steve hears someone singing: it is Sidetable, but Steve does not know it is her singing. Sidetable is too shy to ask to be Blue's duet partner, instead forced to hold stuff like hats and other less fun things than singing.

Steve searches for clues, but he never finds them, it is always the viewers. Then, the viewers tell Steve they see the first clue on the notebook. In the episodes on Nick Jr., when Steve, Blue, or the viewers find a clue, Steve draws a picture in his handy dandy notebook of what he found the clue on. Clues are shown with a blue paw print. Searching for clues and helping Steve figure out what they mean helps kids learn to solve problems and to think about situations.

Steve meets G Clef and the Notes. They teach Steve what notes, rhythm, and tempo are, in order for Steve to figure out what song he wants to sing in the show. I think this is the most educational part of the movie. Then some more self-confidence issues come up. Slippery the Soap Bar keeps slipping while he is practicing for the musical show. All his friends help him by telling him he has to keep trying and that he should not give up. This movie is mostly about having confidence.

In the meantime Periwinkle keeps trying to get Steve's attention. Then the neighbors start to arrive. Steve gives Sidetable the job of collecting the neighbor's tickets; this makes Sidetable sad since she is still too afraid to ask to be Blue's partner. But no worries friends, it is only a matter of time until the third clue is found and the show turns out great.

Rating for Style: A-
Rating for Substance: C+


Image Transfer

Aspect Ratio1.33:1 - Full Frame
Original Aspect Rationo

Image Transfer Review: Bob: Although scanlines are evident on my 4:3 set, the picture is still very clear. The colors are vivid without bleeding. The most disturbing element of the transfer is the unusually large amount of shimmer throughout. I'm pretty sure my nephew won't notice when I hand this gleefully over to him.

Image Transfer Grade: B+


Audio Transfer

 LanguageRemote Access
DS 2.0Englishyes

Audio Transfer Review: Bob: There isn't much to talk about here. The Dolby Surround 2.0 track is fairly low key, with the dialogue center heavy, but—despite the fact you can barely understand what any of the animated creatures are saying without the aid of subtitles anyway—it is clean and understandable. There are a few nice effects, such as when the creatures all bring supplies to Steve at the same time and their voices appear from all three front speakers. The rears are rarely in use except for minor background support during songs.

Audio Transfer Grade: B


Disc Extras

Full Motion menu with music
Scene Access with 28 cues and remote access
Subtitles/Captions in English with remote access
1 Featurette(s)
Packaging: Amaray
Picture Disc
1 Disc
1-Sided disc(s)
Layers: single

Extra Extras:
  1. "I Can Be Anything That I Want To Be" and "There It Is" music videos
  2. Who I Am? Game
  3. Blue's Clues DVD-ROM Games
Extras Review: Alex: There are some very nice extras included for the kids:

"I Can Be Anything That I Want To Be" Music Video:
This is the song from the movie.

"There It Is" Music Video:
G Clef sings this song with the voice of Ray Charles. It is about notes, rhythm, and tempo.

Backstage at Blue's Clues:
A look at how Blue's Clues is made and you get to meet the voices and songwriters for the show.

Who I Am? Game:
You get three clues to figure out which character from the movie the clues are about. There are six different sets of clues.

Blue's Clues DVD-ROM Games:
In order to play these games you need a computer with DVD-ROM.

Extras Grade: B-


Final Comments

Bob: A mixture of PeeWee's Big House and Peanuts with a touch of Where's Waldo thrown in that is probably a lot of fun for kids, and teaches while requiring the kids to think.

Alex: I recommend this movie to any child under the age of six.


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