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PR: STEVE HOGARTH - H: Naked in the Chapel

Release Date: March 7, 2009, 2:40 pm
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STEVE HOGARTH - H: Naked in the ChapelIt was a magical night, a great vibe and I think this captures it beautifully! All in all - it's a good-humoured romp! To relive the full horror of my life, there's bonus material of some classic diary monologues too. If you were there (at the gig, I mean), you can relive the experience. If you weren't and you'd like to hear some stripped-bare, intimate performances of my favourite songs, then this is for you. - Steve Hogarth

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STEVE HOGARTH - H: Naked in the Chapel
An organic evening of music, rock n roll diaries, lyrics and conversation w/ Marillion's frontman.

Available on DVD
May 19, 2009
Through MVD Visual

What if a gig was all about sharing experiences and feelings, as simply as possible with the people? Just trying to connect, tell stories, play requests... Relax, and play songs chosen for their importance to the performer - rather than their popularity.

So here it is. What you've got here is nothing short of an incredible vocalist and intense human being and song writer, taking to the road with nothing but a piano, a bag full of Rock n Roll memories, some corner-stone covers, a large portion of mind blowing songs and his own unique sense of humour.

Steve h Hogarth, incidentally of Marillion, might be treasured by some happy few (well, hordes of them!) but yet, kept secret to the masses. This fabulous little church down in Islington, London, is the perfect place to meet him and have a chat! Come on in and Get Naked!

NAKED IN THE CHAPEL, special bible pack edition.
DVD filmed @ Union Chapel, Islington. London. 22 Sept. 2007

Track listing: The Hollow Man (Marillion), Three Minute Boy (Marillion), House (Marillion), Life on Mars? (David Bowie), Beyond You (Marillion), Afraid of Sunlight (Marillion), A Collection (Marillion), Cage (Steve Hogarth), The Party (Marillion), When I Meet God (Marillion), No One Can (Marillion), War Baby (Tom Robinson) Man of the World (Peter Green), Maybe I'm Amazed (Paul McCartney), In the Ghetto (Elvis Presley), Famous Blue Raincoat (leonard Cohen), cover My Eyes (Marillion), Fantastic Place (Marillion) + diary excerpts reading : God Bless America, Air Rage, One Hot Ohio Night, The Prisoner of Poznan.

H NATURAL SERIES,, 2006/2009. Downloads only.
As each gig of the tour had a special atmosphere indeed and stands as a unique experience with its very own vibes, setlist and chats, every one of them has been released (and continues to be released) as download-only, limited-time-edition live show, solely available from Check out the web site for more information.


Before joining Marillion, Steve Hogarth was keyboard player and (occasional) vocalist for the Europeans from 1981 to 1984, releasing the albums Vocabulary, Europeans Live, and Recurring Dreams.

After brief success in Europe and the US with the Europeans, Steve left the band with guitarist Colin Woore to record under the name How We Live, releasing one album Dry Land in 1987 with CBS.

He's been later caught moonlighting and collaborating as both pianist and vocalist with such artists as Toni Childs, Julian Cope and The The.

In early January of 1989 he joined Marillionas lead singer, co-music writer and lyricist, grew up a bit, and became a bit more famous and a bit more serious..ha ha ha.

In 1997, Steve h Hogarth released his first solo album, Ice Cream Genius, produced by Craig Leon (Poison Apple / Racket Records), under the name h in Europe (and Steve Hogarth in the US). He embraced this new freedom with open arms and the album saw him developing a taste for rhythmic work and ever-stranger sonics, from ambient-poems to pop, and encompassing Asian and Far-Eastern influences even, in some places. Some sort of UFO on the musical scene of the day, cruising from the likes of Peter Gabriel, Ryuchi Sakamoto and Björk to the shadow of Prefab Sprout, The Blue Nile and XTC, and on which his voice reached yet another emotional dimension.

After touring from 2000-2003 with the all-star h Band (Aziz Ibrahim –Stone Roses, Andy Gangadeen –Massive Attack, The Bays, Richard Barbieri –Japan, Porcupine Tree, Dave Gregory – XTC) and releasing a double live album Live Spirit Live Body, the latest incarnation of the h Band had writing sessions in early 2005, but no definite plans on a second album have yet surfaced. I've been a bit busy.., so he explains!

Currently promoting the 15th album of Marillion, Happiness is the Road, Mr h has immersed himself in a world tour with his daily band-mates Marillion, starting up last November in the UK.
There's no doubt he'll jump at the occasion to redo some H NATURAL's quite soon though..

Either stripped-down or dressed-up, Don't miss out, catch him on the road and first, on a DVD!

Selection #: PAUK2-N
UPC: 5060108070485
Prebook: April 14, 2009
Street Date: May 19, 2009
Retail: $19.95
Run Time: 150 minutes

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