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13 MOST BEAUTIFUL...SONGS FOR ANDY WARHOL'S SCREEN TESTS (2009) - Fans of Andy Warhol's Factory will definitely check this DVD out, but the awesome packaging alone will have all film fans at least giving it a second look. - Posted: May 3rd, 2009

THE ACTUALITY DRAMAS OF ALLAN KING (ECLIPSE SERIES 24) (1967-2005) - This appears to be the ultimate box set for fans of documentary filmmaking, as the best of this Canadian director are on display thanks to The Criterion Collection. - Posted: April 13th, 2011

A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY (2001) - This is a mean-spirited look at Star Wars that tries to be insightful but comes off as misguided and cruel. - Posted: May 2nd, 2009

AROUSED (2012) - This is a documentary about 16 porn stars...I don't need to say another word. - Posted: July 27th, 2013

AUDIENCE OF ONE (2007) - A well-meaning pastor who has never made a movie, maybe not even seen very many, believes he is called by God to mount at $100 million production of a Christian Star Wars-ian epic. It goes about as well as you might expect. - Posted: August 27th, 2009

BASEBALL'S GREATEST GAMES: 1986 WORLD SERIES GAME 6 (1986) - The greatest night in all of human history. - Posted: November 22nd, 2011

CARD SUBJECT TO CHANGE (2010) - This promising-looking documentary appears to give us a rare, inside look at the business of not-so-big-time professional wrestling. This should be really good stuff! - Posted: July 31st, 2011

ELVIS: RETURN TO TUPELO (2009) - The King in his infancy. - Posted: November 16th, 2009

FIGHTVILLE (BLU-RAY) (2011) - I am far from a fan of Mixed Martial Arts, but I do love a good documentary film, regardless of the subject. Good word of mouth has me thinking that this flick could be just that. - Posted: August 6th, 2012

FOR ALL MANKIND (BLU-RAY) (1989) - Just in time for the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing, Criterion brings the lunar experience to us via Blu-ray. - Posted: July 5th, 2009

HARLAN ELLISON: DREAMS WITH SHARP TEETH (2007) - This promises to be an intimate look at a great writer. - Posted: May 25th, 2009

HARVARD BEATS YALE 29-29 (2008) - H-A-Ahr, H-A-Ahr, H-A-Ahr, with a Vee!
V-A-Ahr, V-A-Ahr, V-A-Ahr, with a Dee!
Harvard. Harvard. Rah. Rah.
Harvard men are really tough,
They know how to knit and stuff.
Knit one, purl two, Harvard, yoo-hoo! - Posted: June 3rd, 2009

HEMPSTERS: PLANT THE SEED (2008) - I'm not sure if this is going to be a bona fide documentary film, or simply an extended propaganda piece for the legalization of hemp, but with Woody Harrelson on board, it promises to at least be interesting. - Posted: July 31st, 2011

HEMPSTERS: PLANT THE SEED (2011) - The topic of marijuana legalization has never been more of a hot-button issue than it is today, and this documentary promises to delve into the subject down to its core. It'll be interesting to see just how politically driven the film turns out to be. - Posted: January 1st, 2013

HI-8: THE SHORT DOCUMENTARIES OF COURTNEY FATHOM SELL (2009) - This collection of four short documentaries from a filmmaker I've never heard of look as interesting, if not more so, than the works of today's household name documentarians. - Posted: November 29th, 2009

HISTORY OF THE WORLD IN TWO HOURS (2011) - Though you may not learn anything that you didn't already know, this very brief history of the universe is lively and entertaining without being dumb. - Posted: April 4th, 2012

HOW BRUCE LEE CHANGED THE WORLD (2009) - - Posted: September 3rd, 2009

HOW TO BE A WOMAN (1948-82) - Gentle reader, you have no idea how much I look forward to learning how to be a woman. - Posted: October 15th, 2009

INTO THE ABYSS: (2011) - The great Werner Herzog is at it again, this time giving us a heralded documentary about one of our more controversial subject, the death penalty. - Posted: April 22nd, 2012

JACK TAYLOR OF BEVERLY HILLS (2008) - Who would've thought a documentary about a man who has made clothes for decades of Hollywood stars would be compelling, but the word on the street is that this film is well worth a look. - Posted: May 3rd, 2009

JOURNEY INTO AMAZING CAVES (BLU-RAY) (2001) - Blu-Ray cave exploring sounds better than actually doing it in real-life.

Highly recommended. - Posted: May 10th, 2009

LOUIE BLUIE (1985) - The Criterion Collection comes through again and offers us an obscure documentary from acclaimed director Terry Zwigoff. This is really going to appeal to fans of both Zwigoff and jazz. - Posted: October 7th, 2011

MANSON (2009) - It's been 40 years since the horrific Manson Family Murders, and this feature-length docudrama promises to give us an insider look at Manson's twisted ideas and methods behind his madness. - Posted: September 7th, 2009

MARLENE (1984) - Up close and personal with one of the great temptresses in the history of the big screen. - Posted: September 21st, 2009

THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN IN AMERICA (2009) - Wear your presence on Richard Nixon's enemies list as a badge of honor. - Posted: September 2nd, 2010

NEIL YOUNG JOURNEYS (BLU-RAY) (2012) - Director Jonathan Demme took a great Talking Heads concert and made it better. Now, he chronicles a unique journey home for Neil Young, and likely, takes this to another level as well. - Posted: November 10th, 2012

NORMAN MAILER: THE AMERICAN (2010) - This is an often unpleasant tale of a celebrated writer that is told frankly and openly by people who knew him personally. Director Joe Mantegna weaves their commentary into a visual history of the latter half of the last century and evokes an intriguing portrait of one its most important chroniclers. Norman Mailer: The American gives a multi-faceted answer to the question: who was that guy? - Posted: May 19th, 2012

RESURRECT DEAD: THE MYSTERY OF THE TOYNBEE TILES (2011) - A truly intriguing subject will hopefully translate into a documentary that is just as compelling. The inclusion of Stanley Kubrick's name on the DVD cover only adds to the anticipation. - Posted: February 5th, 2012

RIPPED OFF: MADOFF AND THE SCAMMING OF AMERICA (2009) - Bernie Madoff: Bad for the Jews? A consideration. - Posted: July 22nd, 2009

ROMAN POLANSKI: WANTED AND DESIRED (2009) - One need not excuse or minimize what happened between Roman Polanski and a 13-year-old girl in Jack Nicholson's pool in 1977 to recognize that Polanski has led an extraordinarily complicated and morally challenging life. He escaped the Third Reich; his wife, 8 1/2 months pregnant with their first child, was brutally slaughtered by disciples of Charles Manson; he's had enough sorrow for a handful of lives, though that doesn't make it all right for his Humbert Humbert streak, thanking heaven for little girls. This fair-minded and gripping documentary is an extraordinarily thorough look at what happened to Polanski in Southern California in the late 1970s, both in a Santa Monica courtroom and in the court of public opinion. It's a morality play with all sort of shades of gray, and it's a fascinating watch. - Posted: February 15th, 2009

TABLOID (2011) - Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Errol Morris and the Interratron on a juicy, sexy scandal from back in the day! - Posted: December 7th, 2011

THE MAGIC OF FLIGHT (BLU-RAY) (1996) - A Blu-Ray disc on the "magic of flight" should probably include a free barf bag. This one, however, does not. - Posted: May 10th, 2009

THE TIMES OF HARVEY MILK (1984) - The landmark documentary about one of the human rights pioneers of the last century, in a thorough and completely absorbing Criterion package. - Posted: May 28th, 2011

TITANIC: THE COMPLETE STORY (2011) - In this anniversary year, there has been more than the normal amount of material about Titanic in popular culture including a new mini-series and a re-release of James Cameron's popular Titanic film remastered in 3D. Titanic: The Complete Story is a fine dvd set and for those who have dreamt of and wondered about this ship. They will enjoy learning just a little bit more of this doomed journey and the people who you never get to hear about that died that fated night on April 15th one hundred years ago. - Posted: May 7th, 2012

THE TREE THAT REMEMBERS (2000) - A documentary look at the continuing cross-continental psychological impact of political upheaval in Iran. - Posted: April 15th, 2010

THE TROUBLE WITH TOLSTOY (2011) - A challenging travelogue walks in the footsteps of Russia's biggest troublemaker. - Posted: May 8th, 2012

WE FUN: ATLANTA GA INSIDE/OUT (2008) - As a huge fan of indie rock, I'm really looking forward to this look at the Atlanta music scene, and the promise of a Deerhunter appearance, makes this all the more appealing. - Posted: July 26th, 2010

WWII IN 3D (BLU-RAY) (2011) - It's hard to believe that a ton of information about a huge era in U.S. History can be crammed into a 46-minute documentary, but I have a feeling that this disc is all about the spectacle of 3D technology. - Posted: February 6th, 2012

200 Cadillacs (2003) - Linda Thompson, Jerry Schilling, Larry Geller, Myrna Smith, Marian Cocke, Sonny West, Kang Rhee, D. J. Fontana - Posted: December 30th, 2003

2012: Science or Superstition (2008) - Dr. Anthony Aveni, Walter Cruttenden, Benito Venegas Duran, Graham Hancock, John Major Jenkins, Lawrence E. Joseph, Jim Marrs, Alonso Mendez, Daniel Pinchbeck, Douglas Rushkoff, Dr. Alberto Villoldo, John Anthony West - Posted: January 26th, 2009

911 Mysteries, Part 1: Demolitions (2007) - - Posted: August 14th, 2007

9/11 Press For Truth (2006) - Lorie Van Auken, Patty Casazza, Sally Regenhard, Paul Thompson, Gail Sheehey - Posted: September 25th, 2006

Above All Else: The Everest Dream (1999) - Jamie Clarke, Alan Hobson - Posted: September 6th, 2000

Adam Clayton Powell (1989) - - Posted: January 31st, 2009

Addiction (2006) - - Posted: May 4th, 2007

A Dog's Life: A Dogamentary (2004) - Chelsea the Shih Tzu Diva, Gayle Kirschenbaum - Posted: November 10th, 2005

The Adventure of Photography (1998) - - Posted: July 9th, 2003

The Adventures of Errol Flynn (2005) - Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Ian Holm - Posted: May 5th, 2005

Africa's Elephant Kingdom (1997) - Avery Brooks, narrator - Posted: July 31st, 2001

Africa: The Serengeti (1994) - James Earl Jones (narrator) - Posted: August 30th, 2000

The Agronomist (2005) - - Posted: June 13th, 2005

Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer (2003) - Aileen Wuornos - Posted: May 30th, 2004

Air Guitar Nation (2005) - David Jung, Dan Crane - Posted: August 27th, 2007

Air Power (2002) - Walter Cronkite - Posted: January 23rd, 2003

Alexander Hamilton (2007) - Br?an F. O'Byrne, Colm Feore - Posted: June 20th, 2007

Al Franken: God Spoke (2006) - Al Franken - Posted: April 25th, 2007

Alien Planet (2005) - Stephen Hawking, Jack Horner - Posted: August 18th, 2005

Alien Signs—The Message: Crop Circle Mysteries (2003) - Colin Andrews - Posted: December 30th, 2002

Aliens of the Deep (2005) - Dijanna Figueroa, Kevin Hand, Maya Tolstoy, Loretta Hidalgo, James Cameron, Mike Cameron - Posted: November 1st, 2005

Almost Elvis (2000) - Irv Cass, Doug Church, Eric Erickson, Quentin Flagg, Steve Sogura, Johnny Thompson, Robert Washington - Posted: March 20th, 2003

The Alps: Climb of Your Life (Blu-ray) (2007) - Michael Gambon (narrator), John Harlin - Posted: January 23rd, 2009

Always a Bridesmaid (2000) - Nina Davenport - Posted: December 4th, 2001

America Beyond the Color Line (2003) - Henry Louis Gates Jr. - Posted: May 6th, 2005

American Mullet (2001) - - Posted: July 1st, 2003

American Pimp (2000) - Fillmore Slim, C-Note, Gorgeous Dre - Posted: October 26th, 2000

Andy Warhol (2006) - Andy Warhol, Neil Printz, Dave Hickey, George Plimpton, Laurie Anderson, Jeff Koons - Posted: November 21st, 2006

Animal Rescue Katrina (2006) - - Posted: April 30th, 2007

Animals (2003) - Jason Young - Posted: November 20th, 2005

Anne Frank Remembered (1995) - Kenneth Branagh, Glenn Close - Posted: March 7th, 2004

Annie Leibovitz (1993) - Annie Leibovitz - Posted: October 5th, 2001

Ansel Adams (2002) - Ansel Adams, John Szarkowski, Carl Pope, Jonathan Spaulding, Anne Adams Helms, Michael Adams - Posted: February 3rd, 2003

Antonio Gaudi (1984) - Isidro Puig Boada, Seiji Miyaguchi - Posted: May 30th, 2008

Arctic Tale HD-DVD (2007) - Queen Latifah - Posted: December 6th, 2007

The Aristocrats (2005) - Jason Alexander, Hank Azaria, Lewis Black, Drew Carey, George Carlin, Billy Connolly, Andy Dick, Phyllis Diller, Whoopi Goldberg, Gilbert Gottfried, Eric Idle, Bill Maher, Howie Mandel, Paul Reiser, Bob Saget, Sarah Silverman, Jon Stewart - Posted: January 23rd, 2006

Atlantis (1991) - Dolphins, Sea Snakes, Penguins - Posted: April 28th, 2003

The Atomic Cafe: 20th Anniversary Edition (1982) - Various members of the U.S. government and military. - Posted: May 3rd, 2002

Attila '74: The Rape of Cyprus (1975) - The People of Cyprus, Archbishop Makarios - Posted: July 14th, 2000

Autism: The Musical (2007) - - Posted: February 13th, 2009

Autopsy: Postmortem with Dr. Michael Baden (2008) - Dr. Michael Baden - Posted: April 15th, 2008

The Awful Truth: The Complete Second Season (2000) - Michael Moore - Posted: December 31st, 2001

BaadAsssss Cinema (2002) - Richard Roundtree, Quentin Tarantino, Pam Grier, Larry Cohen - Posted: January 26th, 2003

Back to Normandy (Retour en Normandie) (2007) - Nicolas Philibert - Posted: March 2nd, 2009

Back to Stax: Memphis Soul (1990) - Sam Moore, Memphis Horns, Carla Thomas, Eddie Floyd, Phil Upchurch - Posted: June 26th, 2002

Badsville (2001) - The Superbees, The Hangmen, Motochrist - Posted: May 12th, 2002

The Ballad of Bering Strait (2002) - - Posted: July 6th, 2003

Balseros (2002) - MÈricys Gonzalez, Misclaida Gonzalez, Juan Carlos Subiza, Oscar del Valle, Guillermo Armas, Miriam Hern·ndez, Rafael Cano - Posted: August 5th, 2005

Barberland (2002) - Frank Pisa, Lawyer Stevens, Ralph Catalano, Louis Robbiani, Bill Plumeri, Reggie Pettus, Alex Vilkus, Jamie Del Rosario, Ben Scheinkopf, Ralph Martin, Gilly Gilliard, Dr. Mic Hunter, Ed Jeffers, Ray Newton Jr., Ken Roland, Don Forfang, Robert Marvy, Dick Kramer - Posted: February 14th, 2006

Barefoot Adventure (1960) - Del Cannon - Posted: May 25th, 2000

Batman: Holy Batmania! (2000-2002) - Adam West, Burt Ward, William Dozier, George Barris, Frank Gorshin, Cesar Romero, Julie Newmar, Vincent Price - Posted: October 26th, 2004

BattleGround: 21 Days on the Empire's Edge (2004) - Farhan "Frank" al-Bayati, May Ying Welsh, Raed Jarrar, Heshan Barbary, Rana al Aiouby, Col. Fred Rudesheim, Sgt. Robert Hollis, Lt. Col. Nate Sassaman, Dr. Khudar al-Hazbar - Posted: February 8th, 2006

The Battle Over Citizen Kane (1996) - Orson Welles, William Randolph Hearst - Posted: November 17th, 2000

The Beach Boys: An American Band / Brian Wilson: I Just Wasn't Made For These Times (1985/1995) - Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson, Al Jardine, Mike Love, Bruce Johnston - Posted: January 5th, 2003

The Beatles: DVD Collector's Set (2000) - John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr - Posted: July 22nd, 2000

Beatles: The Journey (2002) - George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr - Posted: August 5th, 2003

Before Hollywood There Was Fort Lee, N.J. (1964) - D.W. Griffith, Mack Sennett, Mary Pickford, Lionel Barrymore, Vivian Martin, Robert Warwick, Doris Kenyon - Posted: October 3rd, 2003

Before the Dinosaurs: Walking with Monsters (2005) - Kenneth Branagh - Posted: January 25th, 2006

Be Good, Smile Pretty (2003) - Tracy Droz Tragos, Judy Droz Keyes - Posted: February 25th, 2004

Behind the Planet of the Apes: SE (1998) - Roddy McDowall, Charlton Heston, Kim Hunter - Posted: October 8th, 2001

Behind the Planet of the Apes (1998) - Roddy MacDowall - Posted: August 12th, 2000

Behind the Red Curtain: The Red Curtain Trilogy Collector's Disc (2002) - Baz Luhrmann - Posted: September 9th, 2002

Being Mick (2001) - Mick Jagger - Posted: July 8th, 2002

Benjamin Franklin (2002) - Richard Easton, Dylan Baker - Posted: January 23rd, 2006

Benjamin Smoke (2000) - Robert Dickerson - Posted: January 19th, 2003

Best Boy (1979) - Philly Wohl - Posted: June 16th, 2004

Beyond The Golden Compass: The Magic of Philip Pullman (2007) - Philip Pullman - Posted: November 19th, 2007

Beyond the Movies—The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) - John Rhys-Davies, Elijah Wood, Orlando Bloom, Ian McKellen, Philippa Boyens, Michael Drout - Posted: December 15th, 2003

Big Easy to Big Empty: The Untold Story of the Drowning of New Orleans (2007) - Greg Palast - Posted: June 21st, 2007

Biggie & Tupac (2002) - Nick Broomfield, Biggie Smalls, Tupac Shakur, Shuge Knight - Posted: April 29th, 2003

The Big One (Michael Moore DVD Collector's Set) (1997) - Michael Moore, Robert Dornan, Steve Forbes, Richard Jewell, Garrison Keillor - Posted: October 13th, 2004

Big Sur Coastline (1996) - - Posted: March 20th, 2002

Billy Wilder Speaks (2006) - Billy Wilder - Posted: October 9th, 2006

Blind Spot: Hitler's Secretary (2002) - Traudl Junge - Posted: December 3rd, 2003

Bobby Darin: Beyond the Song (1998) - Bobby Darin, Andy Williams, Dick Clark, Connie Francis, Tony Orlando, Judy Garland, Jimmy Durante, Robert Goulet, George Burns - Posted: February 21st, 2005

Bob Dylan: World Tour 1966 Home Movies (2002) - Mickey Jones - Posted: January 21st, 2004

Bob Dylan: Dont Look Back: CE (1967) - Bob Dylan, Alan Price, Albert Grossman, Joan Baez - Posted: September 22nd, 2000

Bob Hope: America's Entertainer (1998) - Bob Hope, Milton Berle, Leonard Maltin, Dolores Hope - Posted: January 8th, 2004

Body Art (2002) - Michael McGlone - Posted: April 9th, 2002

Bomb It (2007) - Cornbread, Taki 183, T-Kid 170, Revs, Shepard Fairey, Os Gemeos, KRS-One, Chino, Revok, Mear One, Tracy 168, Stay High 149, Cope 2, Lady Pink, Zephyr, Skuf, 2esae, Blek Le Rat, Daim, Pez, Zosen, Sixe, Pike & Nug, Falko, Faith47, Scage, Mickey, Zezao, Chaz Bojorquez, Ise, Very One, Belx2, Tribe, Tats Cru, Ron English, Stefano E. Block, Koyok, Shinzentomotel, Kid Acne, Toe, Retna, Spedo, Bete Nobrega, Lorenzo McKray - Posted: June 5th, 2008

BookWars (2000) - - Posted: October 1st, 2003

Born Into Brothels (2004) - Zana Briski, Avijit, Gour, Kochi, Manik, Puja, Shanti, Suchitra, Tapasi - Posted: February 9th, 2006

Born Rich (2003) - Josiah Hornblower, S.I. Newhouse IV, Ivanka Trump, Georgianna Bloomberg, Luke Weill, Cody Franchetti, Stephanie Ercklentz, Carlo von Zeitschel, Christina Floyd, Juliet Hartford - Posted: September 29th, 2004

Bowling for Columbine (2002) - Michael Moore - Posted: August 17th, 2003

The Boys of Baraka (2005) - Devon Brown, Richard Keyser, Jr., Montrey Moore, Romesh Vance - Posted: June 20th, 2006

Brakhage (1998) - Stan Brakhage, Phil Solomon, P. Adams Sitney, James Tenney - Posted: July 26th, 2004

The Brandon Teena Story (1998) - Lana Tisdel, Daphne, Reanna, Gina - Posted: November 30th, 2001

Breaking Vegas (2004) - Michael Bou, Catherine Kresge, Gary Lucy, Hannes Phinney, Edward F. Villaume, Bud Watson, Staas Yudenko - Posted: October 28th, 2004

The Bridge (2006) - - Posted: July 19th, 2007

Brigitte Bardot....Take One (Brigitte Bardot Une Premiere) (1996) - Brigitte Bardot - Posted: November 9th, 2000

Broadway: The American Musical (2004) - Julie Andrews - Posted: October 18th, 2004

Brother Minister: The Assassination of Malcolm X (2005) - - Posted: October 19th, 2005

Brother's Keeper (1992) - Delbert Ward - Posted: July 27th, 2003

Bruce Lee: The Legend Lives On (2001) - Robert Lee, Brandon Lee, Bob Wall, Jackie Chan, James Coburn - Posted: February 6th, 2003

Brutes and Savages (1977) - Richard Johnson, Arthur Davis - Posted: January 29th, 2004

Bryce & Zion National Parks (1993) - - Posted: February 18th, 2002

Budo: The Art of Killing (1982) - Harry J. Quini - Posted: February 2nd, 2005

Buena Vista Social Club (1999) - Ry Cooder, Ibrahim Ferrer, Ruben Gonzalez - Posted: June 4th, 2000

Building Bombs (1989) - Jane Alexander - Posted: March 7th, 2008

Burden of Dreams (1982) - Werner Herzog - Posted: May 9th, 2005

Bush's Brain (2004) - Karl Rove, George W. Bush - Posted: October 6th, 2004

Bush Family Fortunes (2004) - George W. Bush, Greg Palast, Grover Norquist, Jeb Bush, Katherine Harris, Clayton Roberts - Posted: October 28th, 2004

Buster Keaton Rides Again / The Railrodder (1965) - Buster Keaton - Posted: February 27th, 2001

The Confessions of Robert Crumb (1987) - Robert Crumb, Aline Kominsky Crumb - Posted: February 6th, 2002

Captured on Film: The True Story of Marion Davies (2000) - Charlize Theron, Marion Davies, Kevin Brownlow, Charles Champlin, Virginia Madsen - Posted: February 20th, 2003

Capturing the Friedmans (2003) - - Posted: February 1st, 2004

Casting About (2004) - - Posted: January 7th, 2008

Cat Dancers (2007) - - Posted: February 23rd, 2009

Catherine the Great (2006) - Emily Bruni - Posted: June 1st, 2006

The Century of Warfare (1993) - Robert Powell - Posted: August 19th, 2003

Chang: A Drama of the Wilderness (1927) - Kru, Chantui - Posted: November 28th, 2000

Charles Manson Superstar (1989) - Charles Manson, Nikolas Schrekm, Zeena LaVey - Posted: October 16th, 2002

Charlie: The Life and Art of Charles Chaplin (2003) - Charlie Chaplin, Sydney Pollack - Posted: March 9th, 2004

Christianity: The First Two Thousand Years (1998, 2000) - Ossie Davis, Dorian Harewood - Posted: October 31st, 2001

American Experience: Citizen King (2004) - Taylor Branch, Andrew Young, Wyatt Walker, Walter Fauntroy, Roger Wilkins, Xernona Clayton, Jack Greenberg, Courtland Cox, Joseph Lowery, Dorothy Cotton, James Cone, Deenie Drew, Clarence Jones, Ruth Barefield, Michael Dizaar - Posted: February 1st, 2005

Civil War Combat: America's Bloodiest Battles (2000) - Roger Mudd, (bookends), Tony Jay, (narrator) - Posted: October 12th, 2000

Civil War Journal: The Commanders (1993) - Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, William Tecumseh Sherman, Ulysses S. Grant - Posted: August 24th, 2001

Civil War Journal: The Conflict Begins (2000) - Danny Glover - Posted: April 27th, 2001

The Civil War (1994) - Shelby Foote, Barbara Fields - Posted: October 6th, 2002

Clint Eastwood: Out of the Shadows (2000) - Morgan Freeman, narrator - Posted: December 10th, 2001

The Cockettes (2002) - Hibiscus, Sebastian, Scrumbly, Marshall, Dusty Dawn, Goldie Glitters, Sylvester, Jilala, Reggie, Fayette, John Flowers, Kreemah Ritz, Peter Muntin, John Rothermel - Posted: February 9th, 2003

Coma (2007) - - Posted: March 4th, 2008

Comic Book Confidential (1989) - Lynda Barry, Charles Burns, Sue Coe, Robert Crumb, Will Eisner, Al Feldstein, Shary Flenniken, William M. Gaines, Bill Griffith, Jaime Hern·ndez, Jack Kirby - Posted: July 21st, 2002

The Complete Monterey Pop Festival (Monterey Pop / Jimi Plays Monterey / Shake! Otis at Monterey) (1968, 1986) - Scott McKenzie, John Phillips, Cass Elliot, Michelle Phillips, Denny Doherty, Alan Wilson, Bob Hite, Henry Vestine, Larry Taylor, Frank Cook, Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel, Hugh Masekela, Rick Neesai Botchway, Stanley Todd, Nat Hammond, Big Black, James Morton, Isaak Asante, Eric Burdon, Danny McCulloch, Barry Jenkins, John Weider, Vic Briggs, Janis Joplin, Sam Andrew, James Gurley, Peter Albin, Dave Getz, Grace Slick, Marty Balin, Paul Kantner, Jorma Kaukonen, Jack Casady, Spencer Dryden, Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey, Keith Moon, John Entwistle, Country Joe McDonald, Barry Melton, David Cohen, Gary Hirsh, Bruce Barthol, Otis Redding, Booker T. Jones, Steve Cropper, Don Dunn, Al Jackson Jr, Jimi Hendrix, Noel Redding, Mitch Mitchell, Ravi Shankar, Alla Rakha, Kamala - Posted: November 10th, 2002

Coral Reef Adventure (2003) - Howard Hall, Michele Hall, Richard Pyle, Rusi Vulakaro, Jean-Michael Cousteau - Posted: January 5th, 2004

The Corporation (2004) - Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky - Posted: April 4th, 2005

Alex Grey and the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors: CoSM the Movie (2006) - Alex Grey - Posted: December 13th, 2006

Crisis (1963) - John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, George Wallace - Posted: November 9th, 2003

Crop Circles: Quest For Truth (2002) - Colin Andrews - Posted: March 16th, 2004

Crossing the Line (2006) - Christian Slater, James Dresnok, Charles Robert Jenkins, Kim Jung Il - Posted: January 7th, 2008

A Crude Awakening (2006) - - Posted: August 7th, 2007

Crude Impact (2006) - - Posted: April 4th, 2009

Crumb (1995) - R. Crumb, Aline Kominsky, Charles Crumb, Maxon Crumb - Posted: April 24th, 2006

Crusades (1995) - Terry Jones, narrator - Posted: March 13th, 2002

Cuban Story (1959) - Fidel Castro, Errol Flynn - Posted: May 14th, 2002

The Cult of the Suicide Bomber (2005) - Robert Baer - Posted: June 26th, 2006

Merce Cunningham: A Lifetime of Dance (2000) - Merce Cunningham, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Robert Rauschenberg, Remy Charlip, Earle Brown, Richard Alston - Posted: July 17th, 2001

Curse of the Bambino (2003) - Ben Affleck, narrator, Denis Leary, Michael Chiklis, Steven Wright, Mike O'Malley, Peter Casey - Posted: October 21st, 2004

D-Day: The Total Story (1994) - Gerald McRaney - Posted: April 26th, 2004

D Day: Down to Earth (2003) - Paul F. Smith, Roy Creek, John Marr, Frank Naughton, Robert D. Rae, Ed Barnes, Dick Carr, Bob Davis, John Hinchliff, Lou Horn, Howard Huebner, Ed Jeziorski, George Leidenheimer, Paul Mank, Bob Parks, Carson Smith, Jack Summer, Martin K.Morgan - Posted: June 2nd, 2004

Dancing to New Orleans (2003) - BeauSoleil, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, John Campbell, Buckwheat Zydeco, The Neville Brothers, C. J. Chenier, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Lionel Ferbos & The Palm Court Jazz Band, Big Jack Johnson, Raymond Miles, Irma Thomas, Allen Toussaint - Posted: February 12th, 2004

Darfur Now (2007) - Sheikh Ahmed Mohamad Abakar, Adam Sterling, Don Cheadle - Posted: May 28th, 2008

Dario Argento: An Eye For Horror (2001) - Dario Argento, Asia Argento, Jessica Harper, John Carpenter, Keith Emerson - Posted: November 2nd, 2001

The Day After Trinity (1980) - J. Robert Oppenheimer, Frank Oppenheimer, Paul Frees - Posted: July 9th, 2002

Deadline (2004) - George Ryan, Scott Turow - Posted: October 4th, 2004

Dealing Dogs (2006) - "Pete" - Posted: January 18th, 2007

Dean Martin: The One and Only (2004) - Dean Martin - Posted: April 29th, 2005

Debbie Does Dallas: Uncovered (2005) - A.J. Cohen, Eric Edwards, Herschel Savage, Robin Byrd, Bob Burge, R. Bolla, - Posted: March 15th, 2006

A Decade Under The Influence (2003) - Robert Altman, John Avildsen, Peter Bogdanovich, Marshall Brickman, Ellen Burstyn, John Calley, Julie Christie, Francis Ford Coppola, Roger Corman, Bruce Dern, Clint Eastwood, Milos Forman, William Friedkin, Pam Grier, Dennis Hopper, Sidney Lumet, Paul Mazursky, Mike Medavoy, Polly Platt, Sydney Pollack, Jerry Schatzberg, Roy Scheider, Martin Scorsese, Sissy Spacek, Robert Towne, Jon Voight - Posted: October 6th, 2003

Deep Blue (2005) - Pierce Brosnan (narrator) - Posted: April 11th, 2006

Deep Sea (IMAX) (2006) - Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet - Posted: April 13th, 2007

The Devil and Daniel Johnston (2005) - Louis Black, Bill Johnston, Daniel Johnston, Mabel Johnston, Jeff Tartakov - Posted: September 21st, 2006

The Devil Came on Horseback (2007) - Brian Steidle - Posted: October 29th, 2007

Dig! (2004) - Anton Newcombe, Courtney Taylor, Joel Gion, Matt Hollywood, Peter Holmstrom, Zia McCabe - Posted: April 12th, 2005

Directed by William Wyler / The Love Trap (1986, 1929) - Laura La Plante, Neil Hamilton, Norman Trevor, Robert Ellis - Posted: October 27th, 2002

The Directors: Robert Altman (1999) - Robert Altman, Glenn Close, Shelly Duvall - Posted: September 19th, 2000

The Directors: Wes Craven (2000) - Wes Craven, Bill Pullman, Neve Campbell, Robert Englund - Posted: September 28th, 2000

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The Directors: Steven Spielberg (1999) - Steven Spielberg - Posted: August 30th, 2000

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Discovering Cinema (2003, 2004) - Stephen Herbert, Paolo Cherchi Usaï - Posted: October 9th, 2007

Walt Disney Treasures: Disneyland ? Secrets, Stories & Magic (2007) - Walt Disney, Leonard Maltin, Geoge Lucas, Roy E. Disney, Tony Baxter, Herb Ryman, Jack Lindquist, Richard Sherman - Posted: January 8th, 2008

Divine Trash (1998) - John Waters, Divine - Posted: July 4th, 2000

DJ Quik: Visualism (2002) - DJ Quik, Hi-C, El Debarge - Posted: May 13th, 2003

The Documentaries of Louis Malle (1962-86) - - Posted: August 17th, 2007

Secrets of the Dead: Dogfight Over Guadalcanal (2006) - Liev Schreiber - Posted: August 30th, 2007

Dogtown and Z-Boys: SE (2002) - Sean Penn (narrator), Tony Alva, Jay Adams, Stacy Peralta, Wentzle Ruml - Posted: November 20th, 2002

Dolphins (2000) - Pierce Brosnan (narrator), Dr. Kathleen Dudzinski, Dean Bernal and JoJo, Dr. Alejandro Acevedo-Gutierrez - Posted: November 7th, 2000

The Donner Party (2002) - David McCullough - Posted: January 19th, 2003

Drama in the Desert: The Sights and Sounds of Burning Man (2002) - Various artists, performers, creators, ordinary people - Posted: March 11th, 2003

The Dreams of Sparrows (2005) - Hayder Mousa Daffar, Hayder Jabbar Fehed, Rassim Mansour, Moledad Al-Azeez, Khariya Mansour, Sa'ad Fakher - Posted: June 3rd, 2005

Easy Riders, Raging Bulls (2002) - Tony Bill, Dennis Hopper, Peter Bogdanovich, Arthur Penn, Peter Bart, Paul Schrader, Margot Kidder, Dede Allen, Roger Corman, Peter Fonda, Laszlo Kovacs, Polly Platt, Henry Jaglom, Richard Dreyfuss, Jennifer Salt, Karen Black, Mickey Dolenz, David Picker, Michael Phillips, Mike Medavoy, Cybill Shepherd, Vilmos Zsigmond, Stanley Jaffe, Albert S. Ruddy, Mardik Martin - Posted: May 9th, 2004

Echoes from the White House (2001) - Martin Sheen, Philip Bosco, Avery Brooks, Kathleen Chalfant, Blythe Danner, Robert Prosky, Campbell Scott, Regina Taylor, Sam Waterston, Dianne Wiest - Posted: February 15th, 2005

Edgeplay: A Film About The Runaways (2004) - Lita Ford, Jackie Fox, Sandy West, Cherrie Curie - Posted: April 7th, 2005

The Educational Archives: Volume 4—On The Job (1948-80) - Lou Rawls, Raymond Massey - Posted: July 15th, 2002

Edward R. Murrow: The Best of Person to Person (1053) - Edward R. Murrow, Bob Schieffer, Jill Corey - Posted: November 30th, 2006

Egypt: Beyond the Pyramids (2001) - Peter Woodward - Posted: June 25th, 2001

Elvis: His Best Friend Remembers (2002) - Elvis Presley, Joe Esposito - Posted: July 29th, 2002

Elvis: The Journey (2002) - Elvis Presley - Posted: July 30th, 2003

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The End of America (Two-Disc Director's Edition) (2008) - Naomi Wolf - Posted: January 19th, 2009

End of the Century: The Story of the Ramones (2004) - Johnny Ramone, Joey Ramone, Dee Dee Ramone , Tommy Ramone, Marky Ramone - Posted: March 14th, 2005

Engineering an Empire (2007) - Peter Weller - Posted: May 4th, 2007

Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (2005) - Ken Lay, Jeff Skilling - Posted: January 16th, 2006

Ernest Hemingway: Rivers to the Sea (2005) - Ernest Hemingway - Posted: April 26th, 2006

Errol Morris' First Person: The Complete Series (2000-01) - - Posted: June 15th, 2006

American Experience: Eugene O'Neill (2006) - Eugene O'Neill, Christopher Plummer, Al Pacino, Lloyd Richards, John Guare, Tony Kushner, Liam Neeson, Natasha Richardson, Zöe Caldwell, Jason Robards - Posted: March 29th, 2006

An Evening with Kevin Smith (2002) - Kevin Smith - Posted: March 11th, 2003

The Execution of Wanda Jean (2001) - - Posted: January 12th, 2006

Fade to Black (2004) - Jay-Z, Sean "P. Diddy"' Combs, Beyoncé, Memphis Bleek, Mary J. Blige, Foxy Brown, Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott - Posted: April 14th, 2005

Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004) - Michael Moore, George W. Bush, Lila Lipscomb, Abdul Henderson - Posted: October 28th, 2004

Farmingville (2004) - - Posted: November 1st, 2004

Fashion Victim: The Killing of Gianni Versace (2000) - Gianni Versace, Donatella Versace, Joan Juliet Buck, Malcolm McLaren, Antonio D'Amico, Maureen Orth - Posted: June 26th, 2002

Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control (1996) - Dave Hoover, George Mendonca - Posted: January 2nd, 2003

A Father... A Son... Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2004) - Kirk Douglas, Michael Douglas - Posted: February 21st, 2006

Festival Express (2004) - Janis Joplin, Bob Weir, Jerry Garcia, Buddy Guy, Sha Na Na, The Band - Posted: November 3rd, 2004

American Experience: Fidel Castro (2005) - Fidel Castro - Posted: February 1st, 2005

The Filth and the Fury (2000) - Johnny Rotten (John Lydon), Paul Cook, Steve Jones, Glen Matlock, Sid Vicious - Posted: October 12th, 2000

Fired! (2006) - Annabelle Gurwitch, Jeff Garlin, Andy Dick, Judy Gold, Anne Meara - Posted: August 17th, 2007

The First Year (2001) - Georgene Acosta, Geneviève DuBose, Joy Kraft, Nate Monley, Maurice Rabb - Posted: June 23rd, 2004

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The Five Obstructions (De Fem benspÊnd) (2003) - J¯rgen Leth, Lars von Trier - Posted: October 4th, 2004

Flesh and Blood: The Hammer Heritage of Horror (1997) - Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing - Posted: October 28th, 2004

Flight From Death: The Quest for Immortality (2003) - - Posted: July 6th, 2006

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4 Little Girls (1997) - Maxine McNair, Diane Braddock, Chris McNair, Wamo Reed Robertson - Posted: February 27th, 2001

The Four Noble Truths (2002) - The 14th Dalai Lama, Robert Thurman - Posted: August 8th, 2002

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Friends of God (2007) - Joel Osteen, Ted Haggard, Jerry Falwell, Brad Stine - Posted: October 16th, 2007

Fritz Lang: Circle Of Destiny (1998) - Artur Brauner, Claude Chabrol, Alfred Eibel, Patrick McGilligan - Posted: September 18th, 2001

Frontline: Muslims (2002) - - Posted: June 9th, 2003

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Full Frame: Documentary Shorts (1999-2002) - - Posted: June 1st, 2003

Full Frame Documentary Shorts Volume 2 (2004) - - Posted: August 13th, 2004

Gesualdo: Death For Five Voices (1995) - Gerald Place, Alan Curtis - Posted: February 18th, 2002

Hollywood At Your Feet (1997) - Raquel Welch, Sid Grauman - Posted: May 22nd, 2002

Gangland: Bullets Over Hollywood (2005) - Paul Sorvino, James Caan, Chazz Palminteri, Angie Dickinson, Talia Shire, Michael Madsen, Roger Corman - Posted: February 9th, 2007

Gang Wars (2006) - Steve Nawojczyk, Leifel Jackson - Posted: September 6th, 2006

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Geldof in Africa (2005) - Bob Geldof - Posted: January 10th, 2006

General Idi Amin Dada (A Self Portrait) (1974) - Idi Amin - Posted: May 29th, 2002

Genghis Blues (1999) - Paul Pena, Kongar-ol Ondar - Posted: December 21st, 2001

George Harrison: The Quiet One (2003) - George Harrison,Tony Calder, Rod Othen - Posted: January 27th, 2003

George Stevens: A Filmmaker's Journey (1985) - Jean Arthur, Fred Astaire, Montgomery Clift, James Dean, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn, Rock Hudson, Sam Jaffe, Alan Ladd, Joel McCrea, Fred MacMurray, Jack Palance, Millie Perkins, Ginger Rogers, Elizabeth Taylor, Spencer Tracy, Max Von Sydow, Shelley Winters, Warren Beatty, Frank Capra, John Huston, Rouben Mamoulian, Joseph L. Mankiewicz, Alan J. Pakula, Fred Zinnemann - Posted: July 15th, 2005

George Stevens: D-Day to Berlin (1994) - George Stevens, Jr., Dick Kent, Ken Marthey, Ivan Moffat, Hollingsworth Morse, Jack Muth, Irwin Shaw - Posted: January 27th, 2005

George W. Bushisms (2004) - George W. Bush, Brian Unger, Jacob Weisberg, Al Franken - Posted: December 13th, 2004

Ghosts of Abu Ghraib (2007) - - Posted: June 1st, 2007

Ghosts of Rwanda (2004) - Kofi Annan, Madeline Albright, Romeo Dallaire, Anthony Lake, Carl Wilkens, Philippe Gaillard - Posted: May 11th, 2005

Ghosts of the Baltic Sea (2005) - Dr. Robert Ballard - Posted: August 14th, 2006

Gigantic (A Tale of Two Johns) (2003) - John Flansburgh, John Linnell - Posted: March 18th, 2004

Gimme Shelter (1970) - Mick Jagger, Charlie Watts, Keith Richard, Mick Taylor, Bill Wyman - Posted: November 12th, 2000

Glacier National Park (1994) - - Posted: February 18th, 2002

Glastonbury (2006) - Michael Eavis, Bjork, David Bowie, Billy Bragg, James Brown, Nick Cave, Morrissey, Joe Strummer, Coldplay, Faithless - Posted: June 20th, 2007

The Glenn Gould Collection (1998/2002/1994) - Glenn Gould - Posted: December 18th, 2003

Global Underground: Transmission 00:1 [Getting Away With It] (2000) - James Todd, Andrew Horsfield, Dave Seaman, Darren Emerson - Posted: May 10th, 2002

The Godfather DVD Collection: Bonus Materials (2001) - Francis Ford Coppola, Mario Puzo, Talia Shire, Carmine Coppola, Al Pacino, James Caan, Gordon Willis, Nino Rota, Dean Tavoularis - Posted: October 16th, 2001

Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film (2006) - John Carpenter, Wes Craven - Posted: March 30th, 2007

Andy Goldsworthy: Rivers and Tides (2004) - Andy Goldsworthy - Posted: October 6th, 2004

The Good Fight: The Abraham Lincoln Brigade in the Spanish Civil War (1984) - Bill Bailey, Salaria Kea O'Reilly, Studs Terkel - Posted: August 18th, 2008

Good Rockin' Tonight: The Legacy of Sun Records (2001) - Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Sam Phillips - Posted: December 17th, 2002

Go Tigers! (2001) - Ellery Moore, Dan Studer, Dave Irwin, Rick Shepas - Posted: September 22nd, 2002

Graham Chapman: Looks Like a Brown Trouser Job (2005) - Graham Chapman - Posted: May 12th, 2005

Grand Canyon—The Hidden Secrets (IMAX) (1984) - Daniel T. Majetich, Armando Leon Diaz, Coby Jordan, Bruce Simballa, Stuart Reeder - Posted: October 28th, 2002

Grand Canyon National Park (1995) - - Posted: March 13th, 2002

Grass (2000) - Woody Harrelson, Henry J. Anslinger - Posted: April 3rd, 2002

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The Great American Songbook (2003) - Michael Feinstein - Posted: May 11th, 2003

Great Blunders of WWII (1998) - Stan Watt - Posted: October 6th, 2000

Great Conductors in Rehearsal (1997-1999) - Esa-Pekka Salonen, John Eliot Gardiner, Válery Gergiev, Pierre Boulez, Christoph von Dohnanyi - Posted: March 23rd, 2006

A Great Day in Harlem (1994) - Art Kane, Robert Benton, Dizzy Gillespie, Art Blakey, Art Farmer, Milt Hinton, Gerry Mulligan, Marian McPartland, Nat Hentoff, Thelonius Monk, Sonny Rollins, Coleman Hawkins - Posted: June 15th, 2006

The Great Escapes of WWII (1997) - Ed Asner, narrator - Posted: September 5th, 2001

Grey Gardens / The Beales of Grey Gardens (1976/2006) - Edith Bouvier Beale, Edith Bouvier Beale Jr. - Posted: December 4th, 2006

Grey Gardens (1976) - Edith Bouvier Beale, Edith Bouvier Beale Jr. - Posted: September 7th, 2001

Guerrilla: The Taking of Patty Hearst (2004) - - Posted: February 9th, 2006

Gunner Palace (2004) - Bryant Davis, Devon Dixon, Javorn Drummond, Elliot Lovett, Nick Moncrief, Richmond Shaw, Terry Taylor, Stuart Wilf, Michael Tucker - Posted: June 27th, 2005

Guns N' Roses: Sex N' Drugs N' Rock N' Roll (2003) - - Posted: April 9th, 2003

Gypsy Caravan: When The Road Bends... (2006) - Taraf de Haidouks, Esma Redzepova, Fanfare Ciocarlia, Maharaja, Antonio El Pipa Flamenco Ensemble - Posted: September 12th, 2008

H.H. Holmes: America's First Serial Killer (2004) - Tony Jay, Harold Schecter, Thomas Cronin, Marian Caporusso - Posted: December 1st, 2004

Hacking Democracy (2006) - - Posted: April 10th, 2007

Harlan County U.S.A. (1976) - - Posted: May 30th, 2006

The Haunted World of Edward D. Wood Jr. (1996) - Dolores Fuller, Vampira, Paul Marco, Loretta King, Lyle Talbot - Posted: June 13th, 2002

Heart of Darkness: Vietnam War Chronicles 1945-1975 (2006) - - Posted: September 14th, 2006

The Heart of the Game (2006) - Bill Resler, Darnellia Russell, Ludacris - Posted: February 27th, 2007

Hearts and Minds (1974) - George Ball, Diem Chau, George Coker, Clark Clifford, Randy Floyd, Nguyen Ngoc Linh, Robert Muller, Walt Rostow, Nguyen Thi Sau, Edward Sowders, Chan Tin - Posted: July 23rd, 2002

Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse (1991) - Francis Coppola, Eleanor Coppola, Marlon Brando, Martin Sheen, Robert Duvall, Harvey Keitel - Posted: November 28th, 2007

Heaven (1987) - Michael Agabian, James Allport, Swami Prem Amitabh, Lazaro Aruizu, Steven Augustine, Tracy Bauer, Nancy Block, Candice Clark, Abram Christ, Jacob Christ, Moses Christ, Don King - Posted: June 4th, 2002

Heavy Metal Parking Lot (1986) - - Posted: January 25th, 2006

Heavy Petting (2006) - David Byrne, Paula Longendyke, Sandra Bernhard, Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs, Ann Magnuson, Spalding Gray, Josh Mostel, Elizabeth Lahey, Duka, Zoe Tamerlaine, Marshall Turner, Wayne Jobson, Laurie Anderson, Judith Malina, Barry Bartkowski, John Oates, Abbie Hoffman, Jim Dyer, Jacki Ochs, Frederic Lahey, Frances Fisher, Sandi Sissel - Posted: August 17th, 2007

Heir to an Execution (2004) - Ivy Meeropol, Michael Meeropol, Robert Meeropol, Julius Rosenberg, Ethel Rosenberg - Posted: September 21st, 2004

Hell House (2001) - - Posted: May 25th, 2003

Hell On Wheels (2008) - Nancy Haggerty, Anya Jack, April Hermann, Sarah Luna, Heather Burdick, Lane Greer, Laurie Rourke, Rachelle Moore, Teresa Pappas, Joy Wallis, Amanda Fields, Ellie Kenworth, Melissa Joulwan, Amber Stinson - Posted: February 23rd, 2009

Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Impassioned Eye (2003) - Henri Cartier-Bresson - Posted: February 6th, 2006

Henri Langlois: Phantom of the Cinematheque (2005) - Henri Langlois - Posted: August 16th, 2006

Henry Lincoln's Guide To Rennes-Le-Ch‚teau (2000) - Henry Lincoln - Posted: April 27th, 2005

Here's Looking at You, Warner Bros. (1991) - Clint Eastwood, Barbra Streisand, Goldie Hawn, Steven Spielberg, Chevy Chase - Posted: February 5th, 2004

Heritage: Civilization and the Jews (1984, 1998) - Abba Eban - Posted: November 13th, 2001

Heroes of Iwo Jima (2001) - Gene Hackman, Joe Rosenthal, Charles Lindberg, John Bradley, James Bradley - Posted: November 12th, 2001

High School Boot Camp (2000) - - Posted: November 28th, 2004

Hijacked (2006) - - Posted: March 2nd, 2006

A History of Britain: The Complete Collection (2000) - Simon Schama - Posted: January 12th, 2003

The History of the Machine Gun (1999) - Lawrence Bayne - Posted: September 18th, 2007

The Hobart Shakespeareans (2005) - Rafe Esquith - Posted: May 5th, 2006

Hollywood Screen Tests: Take 2 (2000) - Robert Culp, Rock Hudson, Tuesday Weld, May Britt, Suzy Parker, Inger Stevens, Walter Matthau, Bruce Lee, James Coburn, Rita Moreno, Martin Landau, Judy Garland, Linda Darnell, Joan Collins, Rita Hayworth, Fabian, Elliot Gould, Barbara Streisand - Posted: August 29th, 2002

Hollywood Screen Tests: Take 1 (2000) - Robert Culp, Marlon Brando, Candice Bergen, Mia Farrow, Ann-Margaret, Raquel Welch, Sharon Tate, Sean Connery, Dustin Hoffman, Christopher Plummer, Marni Nixon, Andy Williams, Pat Boone, Mitzi Gaynor - Posted: July 26th, 2002

Home of the Brave (2003) - Viola Liuzzo, John Lewis, Gloria Steinem, Andrew Young, Stockard Channing - Posted: August 22nd, 2005

Hooked: The Legend of Demetrius "Hook" Mitchell (2003) - Demetrius "Hook" Mitchell, Antonio Davis, Drew Gooden, Jason Kidd, Gary Payton, Brian Shaw - Posted: October 13th, 2004

Hoop Dreams (1994) - Arthur Agee, William Gates - Posted: May 18th, 2005

Horns and Halos (2002) - James Hatfield, Sander Hicks, George W. Bush - Posted: October 14th, 2004

Howard Hughes: The Real Aviator (2004) - Michael Ferreri, Robert Maheu, Terry Moore, Jack Real, George Francom - Posted: January 5th, 2005

How Arnold Won the West (2004) - Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gray Davis, Mary Carey - Posted: January 18th, 2005

The Howlin' Wolf Story (2003) - Chester Arthur Burnett, Hubert Sumlin, Barbra Marks, Bettye Kelly, Son Horse, Bukka White, Memphis Slim, Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters - Posted: November 25th, 2003

How the Earth Was Made (2007) - Edward Herrmann - Posted: April 29th, 2008

How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way (1988) - Stan Lee - Posted: June 6th, 2002

I Am Trying to Break Your Heart (2002) - Jeff Tweedy, Jay Bennett, John Stirratt, Leroy Bach, Glen Kotchie - Posted: April 15th, 2003

The Iceman: Confessions of a Mafia Hitman (1992) - Richard Kuklinski - Posted: August 27th, 2002

The Iceman Interviews (2003) - Richard (The Iceman) Kuklikski, Dr. Park Dietz - Posted: October 7th, 2004

If I Should Fall From Grace: The Shane MacGowan Story (2003) - Shane MacGowan - Posted: April 21st, 2003

IlÈ AiyÈ (The House of Life) (1989) - - Posted: December 14th, 2004

I Love Lucy: 50th Anniversary Special (2001) - Lucille Ball, Dezi Arnaz, Vivian Vance, William Frawley, Lucie Arnaz, Desi Arnaz, Jr. - Posted: November 6th, 2003

Image of an Assassination: A New Look at the Zapruder Film (1998) - Peter Dean, Abraham Zapruder - Posted: July 15th, 2000

Imagine: John Lennon (Deluxe Edition) (1988) - John Lennon - Posted: December 5th, 2005

An Inconvenient Truth (2006) - Al Gore - Posted: December 8th, 2006

Independent's Day (1997) - Steven Soderbergh, Neil LaBute, Tom DiCillo, Sydney Pollack, Greg Mottola, Robert Redford, Roger Ebert, Parker Posey, Geoffrey Gilmore - Posted: June 27th, 2004

The Indiana Jones Trilogy: Bonus Materials (2003) - Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Harrison Ford, Karen Allen, Alfred Molina, Paul Freeman, Sean Connery, John Rhys-Davies, Kate Capshaw, Ke Huy Quan, Roshan Seth, Alison Doody, Julian Glover - Posted: November 24th, 2003

The Ingmar Bergman Collection: Supplemental Materials (2004) - Ingmar Bergman, Liv Ullmann, Bibi Andersson, Erland Josephson, Marc Gervais - Posted: February 8th, 2004

Inheritance (2006) - Monika Hertwig, Helen Jonas - Posted: March 13th, 2009

In Search of Dracula (1974) - Christopher Lee - Posted: October 28th, 2003

Inside Deep Throat (2005) - Linda Lovelace, Harry Reems - Posted: September 28th, 2005

Inside Islam (2002) - Arthur Kent, Keith David - Posted: February 23rd, 2003

Inspirations (1997) - Dale Chihuly, Louise Lecavalier, Roy Lichtenstein, …douard Lock, Nora Naranjo-Morse, David Bowie, Tadao Ando - Posted: June 23rd, 2002

In the Grip of Evil (1997) - Fr. William Halloran, Thomas B. Allen, Elizabeth Bowman, William Friedkin - Posted: September 28th, 2000

In the Gutter (2008) - John Waters, Lin Shaye - Posted: January 30th, 2009

In The Mirror of Maya Deren (2003) - Maya Deren, Stan Brakhage, Jonas Mekas, Alexander Hammid, Amos Vogel, Chao-Li Chi - Posted: July 26th, 2004

In the Pit (2006) - Sofia Garcia Lopez, Jose Guadelupe Calzada - Posted: August 4th, 2007

In the Shadow of the Stars (1991) - - Posted: January 26th, 2006

Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers (2006) - - Posted: October 5th, 2006

Islam: What the West Needs to Know (2006) - Robert Spencer, Serge Trifkovic, Bat Ye'or, Abdullah Al-Araby, Walid Shoebat - Posted: July 19th, 2007

Israel: A Nation is Born (1992, 1997) - Abba Eban, host - Posted: June 23rd, 2003

It's All True (1993) - Orson Welles - Posted: November 28th, 2004

Jackson Pollock: Love and Death on Long Island (1999) - Jackson Pollock, Lee Krasner - Posted: February 14th, 2002

The James Bond Story (1999) - Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, George Lazenby - Posted: June 8th, 2000

Japan: Memoirs of a Secret Empire (2004) - Richard Chamberlain - Posted: May 5th, 2004

Jim Brown All-American (2003) - Jim Brown - Posted: September 1st, 2004

Jimmy Scott: If You Only Knew (2004) - Jimmy Scott, David Ritz, Kenny Scott, Adoree Colley, Betsy Jones, Nadine Walker, - Posted: January 10th, 2005

Joe Louis: America's Hero...Betrayed (2008) - Joe Louis, Charles Rangel, Dick Gregory, Bill Cosby, Maya Angelou, Gerald Early, Max Schmeling, Jimmy Carter, Jerry Lewis, Gay Talese, Rocky Marciano - Posted: August 1st, 2008

John and Abigail Adams (2005) - Simon Russell Beale, Linda Emond, , James Barbour, David Ogden Stiers - Posted: January 23rd, 2006

John Carpenter: The Man and His Movies (2000) - John Carpenter, Trish de Spon, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kurt Russell, George Romero, Adrienne Barbeau, Peter Fonda - Posted: March 23rd, 2004

John Ford Goes to War (2005) - John Ford, Scott Eyman, Leonard Maltin, Joseph McBride, Bob Thomas, Dan Ford, Oliver Stone, Andrew Sarris, Richard Schickel, Gavin Lambert, Kathleen Parrish, George Hjorth, F.X. Feeney, Peter Bogdanovich, Kris Kristofferson - Posted: March 23rd, 2006

John Lee Hooker: That's My Story (2002) - John Lee Hooker, Bonnie Raitt, Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, Carlos Santana, Peter Wolf, Johnnie Johnson, Lizz Fischer, Maude Hooker, Archie Lee Hooker, Jr. - Posted: August 20th, 2003

John Lennon: The Messenger (2002) - fans, mourners and hangers-on of John Lennon - Posted: October 29th, 2002

Johnstown Flood (2003) - Richard Dreyfuss - Posted: August 24th, 2003

Jonestown: The Life and Death of People's Temple (2007) - - Posted: April 9th, 2007

Joseph Campbell: The Hero's Journey (1987) - Joseph Campbell - Posted: March 21st, 2002

Joseph Campbell: Mythos (1996) - Joseph Campbell - Posted: June 6th, 2002

Journey Into Amazing Caves (IMAX) (2001) - Liam Neeson, (narrator), Nancy Aulenbach, Dr. Hazel Barton - Posted: May 21st, 2002

Journeys with George (2003) - Alexandra Pelosi, George W. Bush - Posted: February 22nd, 2004

J.R.R. Tolkien: Master of the Rings (2001) - J.R.R. Tolkien, Robert Di Napoli, Roger Dean, Rick Wakeman - Posted: January 22nd, 2002

Keep The River On Your Right (2000) - Tobias Schneebaum - Posted: October 27th, 2002

Ken Burns' America: Brooklyn Bridge (1981) - David McCullough, Lewis Mumford, Arthur Miller, Paul Goldberger, John A. Roebling, Washington Roebling - Posted: September 28th, 2004

Ken Burns' America: Empire of the Air (1991) - Jason Robards - Posted: September 28th, 2004

Ken Burns' America: Huey Long (1985) - Huey Long, David McCullough - Posted: September 28th, 2004

Ken Burns' America: Statue of Liberty (1985) - David McCullough, Milos Forman, Barbara Jordan, Jerzy Kozinski, James Baldwin, Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi, Mario Cuomo, Vartan Gregorian, Andrei Codrescu, Jeremy Irons - Posted: September 28th, 2004

The Kennedy Assassination: Beyond Conspiracy (2003) - Peter Jennings - Posted: April 6th, 2004

Kids In The Hall: Same Guys, New Dresses (2001) - Dave Foley, Scott Thompson, Bruce McCullloch, Mark McKinney, Kevin McDonald - Posted: April 23rd, 2002

The Kid Stays in the Picture (2002) - Robert Evans - Posted: August 17th, 2003

Killer At Large (2009) - - Posted: February 6th, 2009

King Corn (2007) - Ian Cheney, Curtis Ellis - Posted: June 9th, 2008

King Kong: Peter Jackson's Production Diaries (2004-2005) - Peter Jackson, Adrien Brody, Jack Black, Naomi Watts, Andy Serkis - Posted: December 12th, 2005

King Tutankhamun: The Mystery Unsealed (1996) - Frank Langella - Posted: January 30th, 2006

American Experience: Kinsey (2005) - Alfred Kinsey, Clara Kinsey - Posted: May 17th, 2005

Koko: A Talking Gorilla (1978) - Koko - Posted: July 10th, 2006

Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance (1983) - - Posted: September 9th, 2002

Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures (2001) - Tom Cruise, Woody Allen, Alan Parker, Arthur C. Clarke - Posted: October 15th, 2001

Kurosawa (2000) - Akira Kurosawa, Paul Scofield, Sam Shepard - Posted: July 9th, 2002

La Lucha: The Struggle (2004) - Martin Marin - Posted: June 14th, 2005

Land Of The Mammoth (2000) - Avery Brooks, narrator; Bernard Buigues - Posted: March 12th, 2001

The Last of the Blue Devils (1979) - Count Basie and his Orchestra, Big Joe Turner, Jay McShann - Posted: July 23rd, 2001

The Last Days of the Civil War (2003) - Powers Boothe, Roger Mudd, Donald L. Miller, Jay Winik, Gary W. Gallagher, Dr. John Rhondenhamel, Michael Burlingame, Agnes Mullins, Brian Pohanka, Jeffry D. Wert, Robert K. Krick, Robert E. L. Krick, Tony Jay, E.B. Furguson, Gordon C. Rhea - Posted: August 31st, 2003

Last Man Standing: Politics, Texas Style (2004) - Patrick Rose, Rick Green - Posted: January 27th, 2005

The Last Round: Chuvalo vs. Ali (2003) - George Chuvalo, Muhammad Ali - Posted: March 30th, 2004

Last Stand of the 300 (2007) - Brian James, Brian Danner, David C. Hernandez - Posted: September 21st, 2007

The Last Waltz (1978) - Rick Danko, Levon Helm, Garth Hudson, Richard Manuel, Robbie Robertson - Posted: May 6th, 2002

Lara Croft: Lethal and Loaded (2001) - Jamie Theakston (narrator) - Posted: November 23rd, 2001

Lee Scratch Perry: The Unlimited Destruction (1991) - Lee Scratch Perry - Posted: November 19th, 2002

Left of the Dial (2005) - Al Franken, Randi Rhodes, Janeane Garofalo, Marc Maron - Posted: March 9th, 2006

The Legendary Ernest Tubb: Thanks Troubador Thanks (1987) - Ernest Tubb, Johnny 'K' Koval - Posted: January 20th, 2006

The Legend of Leigh Bowery (2002) - Leigh Bowery, Nicola Bowery, Sue Tilley, Boy George, Michael Clark, Bella Freud, Richard Torry - Posted: September 2nd, 2004

Legends of Country: Loretta Lynn and Patsy Cline (1990, 1993) - Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline - Posted: May 24th, 2002

The Life and Times of Frida Kahlo (2004) - Rita Moreno, Lila Downs - Posted: February 28th, 2006

The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg (1999) - Hank Greenberg, Stephen Greenberg, Joe Greenberg - Posted: October 15th, 2001

Lighthouses of North America (1996) - Wayne Wheeler - Posted: January 11th, 2005

The Line King: The Al Hirschfeld Story (1996) - Al Hirschfeld - Posted: September 2nd, 2004

Lionheart: The Jesse Martin Story (2001) - Jesse Martin - Posted: November 8th, 2001

Live Forever: The Rise and Fall of Brit Pop (2003) - Damon Albarn, Jarvis Cocker, Liam Gallagher, Noel Gallagher - Posted: May 12th, 2004

Locomotion: The Amazing World of Trains (1993) - Edward Hardwicke, Jack Perkins - Posted: August 17th, 2001

Lost Boys of Sudan (2003) - Santino Mjok Chuor, Peter Nyarol Dut - Posted: October 24th, 2004

Lost in La Mancha (2002) - Terry Gilliam - Posted: June 23rd, 2003

The Lost Tomb of Jesus (2007) - Mark Caven - Posted: April 21st, 2007

Louisiana Hayride: Cradle of the Stars (1984) - Hank Williams Jr. - Posted: June 29th, 2005

Lovesick (2005) - Laetitia Ray, Alex Castro, Petra Massey, Joey Arias, Agnes Roux, Jesse Robb, Andrew Watson - Posted: June 2nd, 2006

Tell Me Do You Miss Me: A Film About Luna (2006) - Dean Wareham, Sean Eden, Britta Phillips, Lee Wall - Posted: September 14th, 2006

Lynyrd Skynyrd: Freebird: The Movie & Tribute Tour (1996) - Allen Collins, Steve Gaines, Billy Powel, Artimus Pyle, Gary Rossington, Ronnie Van Zant, Leon Wilkeson, Johnny Van Zant, Randall Hall, Dale Krantz Rossington - Posted: December 27th, 2001

The Master Of The Rings: The Unauthorized Story of The Lord Of The Rings (2000) - Humphrey Carpenter, Ian Collier - Posted: December 31st, 2001

Made in Sheffield: The Birth of Electronic Pop (2005) - Chris Watson, Phil Oakey, Martyn Ware, Ian Craig Marsh, Andy Gill, Paul Bower, John Peel, Saskia Renshaw, Jarvis Cocker, John Lake, Robin Markin, Pete Hartley, Stephen Singleton, Martin Lilleker, Ron Wright, Mick Fiddler, Joanne Catherall, Gary Wilson, Susan Anne Gayle - Posted: June 2nd, 2005

Mad Hot Ballroom (2005) - Yomaira Reynoso, Wilson Castillo, Michell Rodriguez, Karina Sanchez, Jatnna Toribio, Allison Sheniak, Tara Devon Gallagher, Michael Vaccaro, Taha Hatab, Michael Richardson, Lauria Crochet-Hyslop, Alex Tchassov, Rodney Lopez - Posted: October 18th, 2005

Mafia: The History of the Mob in America (1993) - Bill Curtis - Posted: April 25th, 2001

Mafia History: La Cosa Nostra (2004) - anonymous former mob members, Gay Taluese - Posted: December 15th, 2004

The Magic of Fellini (2001) - Federico Fellini, Giuletta Massina, Nino Rota, Marcello Mastroianni, Anthony Quinn, Claudia Cardinale, Anita Ekberg, Donald Sutherland, Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese, Lina Wertmuller, Paul Mazursky, Ettore Scola, Giuseppe Tornatore - Posted: January 25th, 2004

The Magic of Flight (1997) - The Blue Angels - Posted: July 8th, 2000

The Main Stream with Roy Blount Jr. (2002) - Roy Blount Jr. - Posted: May 1st, 2003

Making 'The Misfits' (2001) - John Huston, Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable, Montgomery Clift, Arthur Miller, Thelma Ritter, Eli Wallach - Posted: December 1st, 2002

Man of Aran (1934) - - Posted: March 11th, 2004

March of the Penguins HD-DVD (2005) - Morgan Freeman - Posted: March 28th, 2007

March of the Penguins (2005) - - Posted: December 14th, 2005

Marie Antoinette (2005) - Blair Brown, Simon Schama, Antonia Fraser - Posted: October 19th, 2006

Marilyn Monroe: The Final Days (2001) - Marilyn Monroe, Dean Martin, Cyd Charisse, James Coburn - Posted: May 5th, 2001

Marilyn Monroe: The Mortal Goddess (1996) - Marilyn Monroe, Eli Wallach, Susan Strasberg, Sheree North - Posted: May 31st, 2004

Mario Bava: Maestro of the Macabre (2000) - Tim Burton, Joe Dante, John Carpenter, John Saxon, Samuel Z. Arkoff, Tim Lucas, Linda Williams, Alfredo Leone - Posted: December 14th, 2001

Ken Burns' Mark Twain (2002) - Samuel L. Clemens - Posted: February 5th, 2002

Marshall McLuhan: McLuhan's Wake (2006) - Marshall McLuhan - Posted: March 9th, 2007

Mary Pickford: A Life on Film (1998) - Mary Pickford, Whoopi Goldberg, Charles 'Buddy' Rogers - Posted: September 17th, 2001

Matthew Barney: No Restraint (2006) - Matthew Barney - Posted: May 10th, 2007

Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision (1994) - Maya Lin - Posted: May 25th, 2003

Me & Isaac Newton (1999) - Ashok Gadgil, Michio Kaku, Steven Pinker, Karol Sikora, Maja Mataric, Patricia Wright, Gertrude Elion - Posted: February 5th, 2002

Meerkat Manor: Season One (2006) - - Posted: October 14th, 2007

Mein Krieg (1991) - - Posted: February 21st, 2001

The Men Who Killed Kennedy (1998) - Hilary Minster, narrator - Posted: March 11th, 2002

Metallica: Some Kind of Monster (2004) - James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hamett, Robert Trujillo - Posted: January 25th, 2005

Milton Berle: An All-Star Tribute To "Mr. Television" (1998) - Milton Berle - Posted: September 26th, 2002

Moby Dick: The True Story (2002) - Roy Kenner, Jeff Gruich, Shawn Reynolds, Trevor Ralph - Posted: October 10th, 2002

Modulations: Cinema for the Ear (1998) - Autechre, Can, Carl Cox, Derrick May, Coldcut, Giorgio Moroder, John Cage, Juan Atkins, LTJ Bukem, Orbital, Pierre Henry, Prodigy, Robert Moog, Teo Macero, The Future Sound Of London - Posted: February 18th, 2003

Momentum (IMAX) (1992) - - Posted: March 6th, 2003

The Monastery: Mr. Vig and the Nun (2006) - - Posted: February 4th, 2008

Mondo Mod/The Hippie Revolt (1967) - Sam The Soul and The Inspirations, The Group, Youth Of The World, Humble Harve - Posted: March 27th, 2002

Moog (2004) - Bob Moog - Posted: June 16th, 2005

Moon Over Broadway (1998) - Carol Burnett, Philip Bosco - Posted: December 3rd, 2001

Moro No Brasil (2002) - - Posted: June 20th, 2006

Muhammad Ali: In His Own Words / Skill, Brains & Guts (1975) - Muhammad Ali - Posted: November 22nd, 2001

Muhammad Ali—Through the Eyes of the World (2001) - Muhammad Ali - Posted: January 22nd, 2002

Mummies And The Wonders Of Ancient Egypt (1996) - Frank Langella - Posted: August 29th, 2001

Murderball (2005) - Mark Zupan, Joe Soares, Andy Cohn, Scott Hogsett, Keith Cavill, Bob Lujano - Posted: November 28th, 2005

Murder on a Sunday Morning (2001) - Patrick McGuinness - Posted: April 27th, 2003

My Best Fiend (Mein liebster Feind) (1999) - Werner Herzog, Klaus Kinski - Posted: August 13th, 2000

My Flesh and Blood (2003) - Susan Tom - Posted: November 28th, 2004

My Knees Were Jumping: Remembering the Kindertransports (1996) - Joanne Woodward (narrator) - Posted: December 29th, 2003

Mysteries of the Bible: The Bible's Greatest Heroes (1994-1995) - Richard Kiley, Jean Simmons - Posted: August 17th, 2001

Mysteries of Asia (1999) - Michael Bell - Posted: September 27th, 2000

Mystery of the Nile (Blu-ray) (2005) - Pasquale Scaturro, Gordon Brown - Posted: January 23rd, 2009

Mystic Iran: The Unseen World (2002) - - Posted: February 3rd, 2004

Naked States (2000) - Spencer Tunick - Posted: January 16th, 2003

Naked World (2003) - Spencer Tunick - Posted: February 21st, 2006

Nanking (2007) - Woody Harrelson, Mariel Hemingway, Stephen Dorff, Rosalind Chao, John Getz, Jürgen Prochnow - Posted: May 13th, 2008

Napoleon (2000) - David McCullough - Posted: October 23rd, 2006

National Parks of Alaska (1985) - - Posted: April 12th, 2002

Nature in Motion (2000) - - Posted: April 11th, 2002

Nature of Sex Collection (2008) - Terry Jones - Posted: February 22nd, 2009

Nefertiti Resurrected (2003) - Joann Fletcher - Posted: December 17th, 2003

The New Sideshow (2002) - Jim Rose, Enigma, Katzen, Tim Cridland, Lucifire, Nicolai Diablo - Posted: September 15th, 2003

New York: The Center of the World (2003) - David Ogden Stiers, Philippe Petit, Paul Goldberger, Pete Hamill, James Glanz, Kenneth T. Jackson, Leslie Robertson, Ada Louise Huxtable, Eric Lipton, Guy Tozzoli, Carol Willis, Mike Wallace, Mario Cuomo, Ed Koch, Jameson Doig, Robert A.M. Stern, William Langewiesche - Posted: February 25th, 2004

New York Firefighters: The Brotherhood of 9/11 (2002) - Stockard Channing - Posted: October 9th, 2002

Niagara—Miracles, Myths & Magic (IMAX) (1986) - - Posted: October 22nd, 2002

Night and Fog (Nuit et Brouillard) (1955) - Michel Bouquet - Posted: July 13th, 2003

Big Brother and the Holding Company with Janis Joplin: Nine Hundred Nights (2001) - Peter Albin, Sam Andrew, David Getz, James Gurley, Janis Joplin, Rip Torn, narrator - Posted: March 24th, 2004

Nine Innings From Ground Zero (2005) - Rudolph Giuliani, Bobby Valentine, Joe Torre, Mark Shields, Paul O'Neill, Buster Olney, Mark Grace, Bob Brenly, Derek Jeter, Curt Schilling, George W. Bush, Scott Brosius, Liza Minnelli - Posted: March 29th, 2005

Nixon: A Presidency Revealed (2007) - Richard Nixon, Alexander Haig, Alexander Butterfield, Charles Colson, Egil Krogh, John Dean, Robert Dole, Henry Kissinger, Ben Bradlee - Posted: July 19th, 2007

Noam Chomsky: Rebel Without a Pause (2003) - Noam Chomsky, Carol Chomsky - Posted: May 12th, 2005

No Direction Home: Bob Dylan (2005) - Bob Dylan - Posted: September 19th, 2005

The Nomi Song: The Klaus Nomi Odyssey (2004) - Klaus Nomi, Ann Magnuson, Gabriele La Fari, Page Wood, Man Parrish, Kristian Hoffman, Ron Johnsen, Michael Halsband, Tony Frere, Kenny Scharff, Anthony Scibelli, Alan Platt, JJ French, Ira Siff, Calvin Churchman, David McDermott, Trude Sperber, Pamela Rosenthal - Posted: June 13th, 2005

No Place Like Home (2006) - Jac Currie - Posted: August 8th, 2008

Northwest (2003) - Chet Childress, Pat "Q" Quirk, Peter Hewitt, Dave "Shaggy" Palmer - Posted: June 23rd, 2003

Occupation: Dreamland (2005) - Matt Bacik, John Blyler, Chris Corcionne, Eric Forbes, Patrick Napoli, Luis Pacheco, THomas Turner, Joseph Wood - Posted: March 15th, 2006

Off the Menu: The Last Days of Chasen's (1997) - Quentin Tarantino, Jack Lemmon, Jay Leno, Samuel L. Jackson, Sharon Stone, John Travolta, Donna Summer, Rod Steiger, Fay Wray - Posted: March 28th, 2004

Off the Charts: The Song-Poem Story (2003) - Gary Forney, Art Kaufman, Caglar Juan Singletary, Gene Merlino, John Trubee, Ramsey Kearney, Sonny Cash, Ellery Eskelin, Tom Ardolino, Van Garner, Jo Comberiate - Posted: March 17th, 2004

Off to War: From Rural Arkansas to Iraq (2005) - - Posted: October 16th, 2006

The Olive Thomas Collection (1920/2004) - Olive Thomas, Rosanna Arquette, Theodore Westman Jr., Warren Cook - Posted: June 24th, 2005

Once in a Lifetime (2006) - Pel?, Giorgio Chinaglia, Franz Beckenbauer, Carlos Alberto, Shep Messing, Werner Roth, - Posted: October 26th, 2006

One Day in September (1999) - Michael Douglas, (narrator) - Posted: April 26th, 2001

One Six Right: The Romance of Flying HD-DVD (2006) - - Posted: July 6th, 2007

On The Road With Duke Ellington (1974) - Duke Ellington - Posted: May 27th, 2002

On The Ropes (1999) - Harry Keit, Tyrene Mansen - Posted: May 20th, 2000

Operation Valkyrie: The Stauffenberg Plot To Kill Hitler (2008) - - Posted: January 7th, 2009

The Original Kings of Comedy (2000) - Steve Harvey, D.L. Hughley, Cedric the Entertainer, Bernie Mac - Posted: February 22nd, 2001

Origins of Christianity (2003) - - Posted: November 9th, 2004

Orwell Rolls In His Grave (2005) - Michael Moore, Charles Lewis, Vincent Bugliosi, Greg Palast, Bernie Sanders, Danny Schechter, Tony Benn, Robert MacChesney - Posted: August 24th, 2005

Oswald's Ghost (2008) - Josiah Thompson, Robert Dallek, Norman Mailer, Priscilla Johnson McMillan, Huge Aynesworth, Dan Rather, Mark Lane, Edward Jay Epstein, Tom Hayden, Todd Gitlin, Gary Hart - Posted: January 21st, 2008

Our Brand Is Crisis (2005) - James Carville, Jeremy Rosner, Tad Devine, Bob Schrum, Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada - Posted: September 12th, 2006

Our Friend, Martin (1999) - Ed Asner, Angela Bassett, Lucas Black, Levar Burton, Danny Glover, Whoopi Goldberg, Samuel L. Jackson, James Earl Jones, Ashley Judd, Dexter King, Robert Ri'chard, Susan Sarandon, John Travolta, Jaleel White, Oprah Winfrey - Posted: January 27th, 2004

Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism (2004) - Rupert Murdoch, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Jeff Cohen, David Brock, Walter Cronkite, George W. Bush, John Kerry, Richard Clarke - Posted: August 9th, 2004

Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism (Special Edition) (2004) - Douglas Cheek - Posted: August 1st, 2008

Overnight (2004) - Troy Duffy - Posted: June 27th, 2005

Panache (Antlers) (2006) - - Posted: January 21st, 2008

The Panama Deception (1992) - Manuel Noriega, George Bush - Posted: October 8th, 2007

Paperboys (2003) - Tyler Rowen, Brandon Kindschy, Nick Judkins, Andrew Merton, Donnie Foster, Greg Gonisor - Posted: February 11th, 2004

Paradise Lost 2: Revelations (2001) - Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley - Posted: December 10th, 2001

Patti Smith: Dream Of Life (2008) - Patti Smith - Posted: January 12th, 2009

Pearl Harbor (2000) - - Posted: May 4th, 2001

The Phandom Menace (2000) - Shane Morrissey, Chris Brennan, Hugh Quarshie, Timothy Zahn, Michael Stackpole - Posted: May 22nd, 2002

Phish: Bittersweet Motel (2000) - Trey Anastasio, John Fishman, Mike Gordon, Page McConnell - Posted: March 20th, 2001

Pie in the Sky: The Brigid Berlin Story (2000) - Brigid Berlin - Posted: November 19th, 2001

Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon (2003) - Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Nick Mason, Richard Wright - Posted: January 15th, 2004

Planet Earth: The Complete Series (2007) - - Posted: April 23rd, 2007

The Planets (1999) - Karen Stone (narrator) - Posted: September 26th, 2000

Pop & Me (1999) - Richard Roe, Chris Roe - Posted: December 17th, 2000

Pope John Paul II: His Life and Legacy (2004) - Pope John Paul II - Posted: May 6th, 2005

Pornography: The Secret History of Civilisation (2000) - Marilyn Milgrom - Posted: March 7th, 2006

Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy (2001) - Ron Jeremy - Posted: March 23rd, 2003

Powaqqatsi: Life in Transformation (1988) - - Posted: September 16th, 2002

Primary (1960) - John F. Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey - Posted: November 2nd, 2003

Prisoner of Paradise (2003) - Kurt Gerron - Posted: April 12th, 2005

Project Grizzly (1996) - Troy Hurtubise, Peter Gzowski, Blair Hurtubise - Posted: September 9th, 2004

Protocols of Zion (2004) - - Posted: July 11th, 2006

Pumping Iron: The 25th Anniversary Special Edition (1977) - Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno - Posted: December 21st, 2003

Punk: Attitude (2005) - Henry Rollins, John Cale, Glen Branca, Dick Manitoba, Tommy Ramone, Arturo Vega, Hilly Kristal, John Cooper Clarke, Dee Pop, Mary Harron, Ari Up, Pete Shelley, Poly Styrene, Paul Simonon, Glen Matlock, Captain Sensible, Marco Pirroni, Keith Morris, David Johansen, Legs McNeil, John Holstrom, James Chance, Jim Jarmusch, Martin Rev, Darryl Jennifer, Chrissie Hynde, Steve Jones, Bob Gruen, Thurston Moore, Howard Devoto, Siouxsie Sioux, Wayne Kramer, Jello Biafra, Roberta Bayley, Mick Jones, Arthur Kane, Sylvain Sylvain, Alice Bag, Roger Miret - Posted: September 6th, 2005

Puppetry of the Penis: Tackle Happy (2000) - Simon Morley, David (Friendly) Friend - Posted: July 31st, 2002

The Queens of Comedy (2001) - Miss Laura Hayes, Adele Givens, Sommore, Mo'nique - Posted: February 22nd, 2001

Quest For The True Cross (2002) - Carsten Peter Thiede, Matthew D'Ancona - Posted: May 21st, 2003

Quincy Jones: In The Pocket (2002) - Quincy Jones - Posted: June 10th, 2002

Racing Against the Clock (2004) - - Posted: January 26th, 2006

Radiant City (2006) - Bob Legare, Jane MacFarlane, Kyle Grant, Daniel Jeffery, Ashleigh Fidyk, Curt McKinstry, Karen Planden, James Howard Kunstler - Posted: March 11th, 2008

Radio Bikini (1987) - Kilon Bauno, John Smitherman - Posted: December 28th, 2003

Radio Revolution: The Rise and Fall of the Big 8 (2004) - Alice Cooper, Joe Donovan, Mark Dailey, Lee Marshall, Charlie O'Brien, Big Jim Edwards, Ron Foster, Ted Richards, Bob Lusk, Les Garland, Grant Hudson, Tom Shannon, Johnny Williams, Art Vuolo Jr., Dave Marsh, Dick Smyth, Walt Love, Ed Buterbaugh, Bill Hennes, Russ Jenkins, Fred Sorrell, Pat Holiday, Isaiah McKinnon, Pat St. John, Scott Miller, Bill Gable, Keith Radford, Rosalie Trombley, Joe Summers, Kelvyn Ventour, Armon Boladian, Mitch Ryder, Wayne Kramer, Jack Richardson, Tony Orlando, Joe Evans, Bert Serre, Randall Carlisle, Martha Reeves, Rob Bowman, Jo-Jo Shutty, Stan Klees, Walt Grealis, George Pollard, Edsel Ford - Posted: March 9th, 2006

Raising the Mammoth (2000) - Jeff Bridges - NarratorBernard Buigues - Posted: July 25th, 2000

Rambo Trilogy: Supplemental Materials (2002) - Sylvester Stallone, David Morrell, Ted Kotcheff - Posted: May 29th, 2002

The Rat Pack (1999) - Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin - Posted: August 29th, 2001

Rat Pack's Las Vegas (2000) - Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Joey Bishop, Peter Lawford - Posted: April 4th, 2002

The Real Andy Kaufman (2000) - Andy Kaufman, Seth Schultz - Posted: April 5th, 2002

The Real Cancun (2003) - a lot of drunk and horny college kids - Posted: August 11th, 2003

The Real Eve (2002) - Danny Glover - Posted: May 8th, 2003

The Real Patsy Cline (1986) - Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Dottie West, Mel Tillis, Charlie Dick - Posted: January 20th, 2005

The Real West (The Best of) (1994) - Kenny Rogers (host and narrator) - Posted: February 27th, 2001

The Real World You Never Saw: Las Vegas (2003) - Brynn, Frank, Irulan, Alton, Steven, Trishelle, Arissa - Posted: February 19th, 2003

The Real World You Never Saw: Back To New York (2001) - Coral Smith, Kevin Dunn, Lori Trespicio, Malik Stevenson, Mike Nicole, Rachel Braband - Posted: December 5th, 2001

Rebels & Redcoats: How Britain Lost America (2004) - Richard Holmes - Posted: July 21st, 2004

Rediscovering Dave Brubeck (2001) - Dave Brubeck, Hedrick Smith - Posted: September 29th, 2003

Regret to Inform (1998) - Barbara Sonneborn, Xuan Ngoc Nguyen - Posted: December 13th, 2001

A Regular Frankie Fan (2001) - Paul Williams - Posted: May 17th, 2002

Remember the Alamo (2004) - - Posted: April 26th, 2004

Requiem for Billy the Kid (2006) - Rudolph Wurlitzer, Kris Kristofferson, Tom Sullivan, Steve Sederwall - Posted: September 14th, 2007

Ring of Fire: The Emile Griffith Story (2005) - Emile Griffith, Lucy Paret, Howie Albert, Gil Clancy - Posted: September 19th, 2005

Road To The Big Leagues (2008) - - Posted: March 30th, 2009

Robbie Robertson: Going Home (1995) - Robbie Robertson, Martin Scorcese, Ronnie Hawkins - Posted: April 20th, 2001

Robyn Hitchcock: Sex, Food, Death...and Insects (2007) - Robyn Hitchcock - Posted: April 7th, 2008

Rocked with Gina Gershon (2004) - Gina Gershon, Girls Against Boys (Scott McCloud, Alexis Fleisig, Johnny Temple), Elizabeth Cover, Aron Levine, Lorena Lopez, Matt Robinson, Nick Pellicciotto - Posted: August 11th, 2004

Rogers & Hammerstein: The Sound of Movies (1996) - Shirley Jones - Posted: March 27th, 2002

Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired (2008) - Roman Polanski - Posted: February 13th, 2009

Ronald Reagan: His Life and Legacy (2004) - Ronald Reagan, Nancy Reagan - Posted: July 27th, 2004

Ronald Reagan: A Legacy Remembered (2002) - Ronald Reagan, Nancy Reagan - Posted: August 28th, 2003

Sacred Planet (2004) - - Posted: April 5th, 2005

Salesman (1968) - Paul Brennan, Charlie McDevitt, James Baker, Raymond Martos - Posted: September 3rd, 2001

Savage Earth (1998) - Stacy Keach - Posted: April 24th, 2007

Scared Straight! (1978) - Peter Falk, Danny Glover - Posted: August 24th, 2003

Scratch (2001) - DJ Qbert, DJ Z-Trip, Afrika Bambaataa, DXT - Posted: October 3rd, 2002

American Experience: Seabiscuit (2003) - Seabiscuit, War Admiral, Red Pollard, Laura Hillenbrand, Jack Whitaker - Posted: July 22nd, 2003

Searching for Debra Winger (2001) - Rosanna Arquette, Robin Wright Penn, Jane Fonda, Diane Lane, Whoopi Goldberg, Sharon Stone, Teri Garr, Theresa Russell, Salma Hayek, Sharon Stone, Laura Dern, Alfre Woodward, Gwyneth Paltrow, JoBeth Williams, Meg Ryan, Vanessa Redgrave, Chiara Mastroianni, Catherine O'Hara, Holly Hunter, Melanie Griffith, Tracey Ullman, Kelly Lynch, Samantha Mathis, Julianna Margulies, Darryl Hannah, Ally Sheedy, Martha Plimpton, Charlotte Rampling, Julia Ormond, Frances McDormand, Debra Winger - Posted: August 13th, 2004

Secrets of Angels, Demons & Masons (2005) - John Cullum, Dan Burstein, Dr. Diane Apostolos-Cappadona, George Lechner, Dr. Amy Bernstein, James Wasserman, Dr. Michael Barkum, Dr. Neil de Grasse Tyson, Greg Tobin, Stephen Bullock, Akram Elias - Posted: November 2nd, 2005

Secrets of the Code (2006) - Susan Sarandon - Posted: June 21st, 2007

Dan Burstein's Secrets of the Occult (2006) - Dan Burstein, John Cullum - Posted: March 30th, 2007

The Secrets of the Warrior's Power: Kung Fu (1997) - Master Dennis Brown, Grandmaster Chan Pui - Posted: December 27th, 2001

Serial Killers: Profiling the Criminal Mind (2000) - Bill Kurtis (narrator), Judy Miller (narrator), John Douglas (FBI), Roy Hazelwood (FBI), Gerald Boyle, Michael McCann, Robert Ressler, Dr. Park Dietz, Bob Motta, Sam Amirante, Charles Hill, Mike Albrecht, Charles Manson, Patricia Kremwinkel, Leslie Van Houten, Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme, Vincent Bugliosi - Posted: December 17th, 2000

Shake Hands With the Devil: The Journey of Roméo Dallaire (2004) - Roméo Dallaire - Posted: March 16th, 2005

Shakespeare Behind Bars (2005) - Curt Tofteland, Leonard, Sammie, Hal, Red, Big G, Rick, Ron - Posted: September 14th, 2006

Shanghai Ghetto (2002) - Martin Landau - Posted: January 24th, 2005

Showbiz Ballyhoo (1983) - David Steinberg - Posted: February 22nd, 2001

Showbiz Goes to War (1982) - David Steinberg, Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Ronald Reagan, James Cagney, Dinah Shore,Jack Benny, Marlene Dietrich - Posted: February 22nd, 2001

Showgirl Stories: From Vaudeville to Vegas (1998) - Anjelica Huston - Posted: August 19th, 2000

Dixie Chicks: Shut Up and Sing (2006) - Natalie Maines, Emily Robison, Martie Maguire - Posted: February 19th, 2007

Sick: The Life and Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist (1997) - Bob Flanagan - Posted: September 22nd, 2003

Sideshow: Alive on the Inside (1999) - Jason Alexander, Percilla The Monkey Girl, Jeanie the Half-Girl, Ronnie and Donnie, Sandy Allen - Posted: November 11th, 2003

Sing Faster: The Stagehands' Ring Cycle (1998) - - Posted: June 28th, 2004

Six Days in Roswell (1998) - Richard Kronfeld - Posted: December 10th, 2000

Sketches of Frank Gehry (2006) - Frank Gehry - Posted: August 23rd, 2006

Slacker Uprising (2007) - Michael Moore - Posted: October 26th, 2008

Slasher (2004) - Michael "The Slasher" Bennett - Posted: July 12th, 2004

Slippin': Ten Years With the Bloods (2005) - K.K. Calvin, Jumbo Chris, Dig Dug Douglas, C.K. Michael Johnson, Low Down Lemar - Posted: June 22nd, 2007

Smothered (2002) - Tom Smothers, Dick Smothers - Posted: January 29th, 2003

Soldiers in the Army of God (2005) - - Posted: March 2nd, 2006

Guided by Voices: Some Drinking Implied (2002) - Robert Pollard, Geo, Tobin Sprout, Mitch Mitchell - Posted: December 17th, 2002

The Songmakers Collection (2001) - Burt Bacharach, Bobby Darin, Carole King, Neil Sedaka, Dionne Warwick - Posted: October 18th, 2001

Songs For Cassavetes (2000) - Sleater-Kinney, Tullycraft, Unwound, Henry's Dress, The Peechees, Some Velvet Sidewalk - Posted: April 8th, 2002

Sonic Outlaws (1995) - Negativland, Alan Korn, John Oswald, Doug Kahn - Posted: March 30th, 2005

Sophie B. Hawkins: The Cream Will Rise (1998) - Sophie B. Hawkins - Posted: May 17th, 2002

The Sorrow and the Pity (1971) - Pierre Mendes-France, Sir Anthony Eden, Dr. Claude Levy, Denis Rake - Posted: May 31st, 2001

Soul to Soul (1971) - Wilson Pickett, Ike Turner, Tina Turner, The Staple Singers, Carlos Santana - Posted: February 11th, 2005

Sound and Fury (2000) - Peter Artinian, Nita Artinian, Chris Artinian, Mari Artinian, Heather Artinian - Posted: December 25th, 2001

The Source (1999) - Jack Kerouac, William S. Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg - Posted: July 3rd, 2000

The Source (1999) - Johnny Depp, Dennis Hopper, John Turturro - Posted: July 3rd, 2000

Southern Comfort (2001) - Robert Eads, Maxwell Scott Anderson, Lola Cola - Posted: August 21st, 2003

Space Station (IMAX) (2002) - Tom Cruise, Brian Duffy, Susan Helms, Marsha Ivins, Yury Usachev, Steven Lindsey, Koichi Wakata - Posted: July 20th, 2005

The Specialist: Portrait of a Modern Criminal (1999) - Adolf Eichmann, Robert Servatius, Gideon Hausner, Gabriel Bach, Ya'akov Bar Or, Moshe Landau - Posted: December 23rd, 2002

The Specials: Too Much, Too Young (2007) - The Specials - Posted: February 28th, 2008

Speedo (2004) - Ed "Speedo" Jager - Posted: October 25th, 2004

Spellbound (2002) - Angela, Nupur, Ted, Emily, Ashley, Neil, April, Harry - Posted: January 18th, 2004

Stagedoor (2005) - - Posted: April 9th, 2007

Stalingrad (2002) - - Posted: June 26th, 2006

Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures (2001) - Stanley Kubrick, Tom Cruise - Posted: November 3rd, 2007

Stardust: The Bette Davis Story (2006) - Bette Davis - Posted: May 30th, 2006

StarGaze: Hubble's View of the Universe (2000) - Various nebulae and galaxies - Posted: September 29th, 2000 (2001) - Tom Herman, Kaleil Isaza Tuzman - Posted: October 4th, 2001

Starwoids (2001) - Star Wars fans - Posted: November 9th, 2001

The Statue of Liberty (1994-5) - Jack Perkins - Posted: March 2nd, 2004

Stoked: The Rise and Fall of Gator (2002) - Mark "Gator" Rogowski, Tony Hawk, Jason Jessee, John Brinton Hogan, Steve Olson, Brandi McClain - Posted: February 16th, 2004

Stooges: The Men Behind the Mayhem (2004) - Paul E. Gierucki, Lyla Fine Budnick, Nate Budnick - Posted: April 28th, 2005

Style Wars (1983) - Skeme, Seen, Min One, Ed Koch, Richard Ravitch, Dondi, Case - Posted: April 20th, 2003

Sunset Story (2003) - Lucille Alpert, Irja Lloyd - Posted: April 13th, 2005

Super Comet: After The Impact (2007) - Dennis Cubic, Megan Gay, Pascal Langdale, Helena Lindemann, Nina Liu, James Matthews-Pyecka, Errol Shaker, The Baka Pygmies - Posted: December 6th, 2007

Super Racers (2000) - James Brolin (Narrator) - Posted: September 29th, 2000

Super Speedway: The Mach II SE (2001) - Michael Andretti, Mario Andretti - Posted: September 25th, 2001

Suzanne Farrell: Elusive Muse (1996) - Suzanne Farrell, Jacques d'Amboise, Paul Mejia - Posted: July 16th, 2001

Taking on the Kennedys (1996) - Kevin Vigilante, Patrick Kennedy - Posted: March 16th, 2005

A Talk With Hitchcock (1964) - Alfred Hitchcock - Posted: June 18th, 2000

Taxi to the Dark Side (2007) - George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, John McCain, Alberto Gonzales, Tim Golden, Carl Levin - Posted: September 29th, 2008

Teddy Roosevelt: An American Lion (2002) - Richard Dreyfuss, Kermit Roosevelt, Tweed Roosevelt, Edith Roosevelt, Nancy Roosevelt Johnson, Edward Herrmann, narrator - Posted: May 14th, 2003

Teen Spirit: The Tribute to Kurt Cobain (2000) - Ann Powers, Charles Peterson, Grant Alden, Nils Bernstein - Posted: May 14th, 2002

Tell Them Who You Are (2005) - Haskell Wexler, Mark Wexler - Posted: November 20th, 2005

Terrorism: A World in Shadows (2005) - - Posted: May 5th, 2006

TerrorStorm: A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism (2006) - Alex Jones - Posted: October 30th, 2006

Terry Jones' Barbarians (2006) - Terry Jones - Posted: February 29th, 2008

The Art of Action (2002) - Samuel L. Jackson - Posted: March 18th, 2003

That's Dancing! (1985) - Mikhail Baryshnikov, Ray Bolger, Sammy Davis, Jr., Gene Kelly, Liza Minnelli - Posted: September 14th, 2007

That's Entertainment (1974) - Fred Astaire, Bing Crosby, Gene Kelly, Peter Lawford, Liza Minnelli, Donald O'Connor, Debbie Reynolds, Mickey Rooney, Frank Sinatra, James Stewart, Elizabeth Taylor - Posted: October 21st, 2004

That's Entertainment: Treasures from the Vault (2004) - Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Judy Garland, Lena Horne, Ann Miller, Donald O'Connor, Debbie Reynolds, Jane Powell, Nanette Fabray, Cyd Charisse, Angela Lansbury, June Allyson, Frank Sinatra, Betty Garrett, Esther Williams, Mickey Rooney, Howard Keel, Gloria DeHaven, Mike Douglas, George Hamilton, Kathryn Grayson, Mario Lanza, Jimmy Durante - Posted: October 28th, 2004

The Doctors: 30 Years Of Time Travel And Beyond... (2002) - William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Brian Blessed - Posted: October 8th, 2002

The Endurance (2000) - Liam Neeson (narrator) - Posted: September 15th, 2003

The Fearmakers Collection (1994) - Dario Argento, John Carpenter, Joe Dante, Samuel Z. Arkoff, Albert Band, Stuart Gordon, David J. Skal, John Agar, Jeffrey Combs, Jim Danforth, Tony Timpone, Richard Gordon, Gunnar Hansen, Marilyn Burns, Kim Henkel, Richard Matheson, Scott McQueen, Ted Newsom, Jim Siedow, Carolyn Purdy-Gordon, Bill Warren, Michael Weldon, Roger Corman, Jim Wynorski, Robert Wise - Posted: July 6th, 2007

The First Olympics (2004) - - Posted: June 30th, 2004

The Great War: The Complete History of World War I (2005) - - Posted: May 11th, 2006

The Journalist and The Jihadi: The Murder of Daniel Pearl (2006) - - Posted: March 22nd, 2007

The Kids Are Alright (1979) - Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey, John Entwistle, Keith Moon - Posted: September 29th, 2003

The Last Days of World War II (2004) - Stephen Ambrose, John Keegan, Tom Allis, Lt.General Harry Kinnard, Gephard Weinburg, Belton Cooper, Alfred White, Ben Swearingen - Posted: June 9th, 2004

The Last Mogul: The Lew Wasserman Story (2005) - Jack Valenti, Larry King, Suzanne Pleshette, John Grabowski, Violet Spevak, Al Setnick, Kathleen Sharp, Michael Ovitz, Dominick Dunne, David Carr, Helen Gurley Brown, David Brown, Richard Zanuck, Robert Evans, Norman Brokaw, Kaye Coleman, Alan Ladd Jr., Jay Kantor, George Christy, Leonard Goldberg, Syndey Pollack, William Link, Frank Price, Al Dorskind, Peter Bart, John Sweeney, Janet De Cordova, Wendy Goldberg, Jimmy Carter, Garry Drabinsky, Charles Champlin, Neil Shee - Posted: October 19th, 2006

The Man Who Skied Down Everest (1975) - Yuichiro Miura, Douglas Rain - Posted: May 13th, 2005

The Mindscape of Alan Moore (2003) - Alan Moore - Posted: September 15th, 2008

The Race to the Moon (2003) - Gene Kranz - Posted: June 14th, 2004

The Real Buddy Holly Story (unknown) - Paul McCartney, Phil Everly, Don Everly, Keith Richard, Joe B. Mauldin, Echo McGuire, Vi Petty, Bob Montgomery, Sonny Curtis, Tommy Allsup, Travis Holley, Larry Holley, Benn Hall, Jerry Allison - Posted: April 15th, 2005

The Restless Conscience (1992) - John Dildine, Klaus von Dohnanyi, Freya von Moltke, Willy Brandt, David Astor, Dr. Reinhard Goerdler, Dr. Marianne Meyer-Krahmer, Eberhard Bethge, Charlotte von der Schulenberg, Tis von der Schulenberg, Lt. Philip von der Schulenberg, Christabel Bielenberg, Perter Bielenberg, Ewald-Heinrich von Kleist, Axel von der Busshche, J.G. de Beus, Barbara von Krauss, Barbara von Haeften, Rosemarie Reichwein, Dr. Eugen Gerstenmaier, Dorothee Fliess, Dr. Arvid Broderson, Baron Ludwig von Hammerstein, Bernd Wehner, Georg Sigismunvon Oppen, Uta van Arrotin, Dr. Clarita von Trott - Posted: March 30th, 2009

The Serial Killers (2005) - - Posted: February 2nd, 2006

The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill (2003) - Mark Bittner - Posted: December 27th, 2005

The World Within: C.G. Jung In His Own Words (1990) - Carl Jung - Posted: December 1st, 2008

They Filmed the War in Color: France Is Free (2006) - - Posted: November 14th, 2006

The Thin Blue Line (1988) - Randall Adams, David Harris, Gus Rose, Jackie Johnson, Marshall Touchton, Sam Kittrell, Edith James, Dennis White, Don Metcalfe, Emily Miller - Posted: August 10th, 2005

This Film Is Not Yet Rated (2006) - Jack Valenti, Kirby Dick - Posted: February 7th, 2007

This Is Nowhere (2002) - - Posted: May 22nd, 2003

This Old Cub (2004) - Ron Santo - Posted: August 2nd, 2005

Tigrero: A Film That Was Never Made (1994) - Samuel Fuller, Jim Jarmusch - Posted: August 5th, 2004

A Time For Burning (1966) - - Posted: March 23rd, 2006

Titanic's Final Moments: Missing Pieces (2006) - - Posted: June 8th, 2006

Titanic: The Complete Story (1998) - David McCallum, Victor Garber - Posted: March 21st, 2002

Todd McFarlane: The Devil You Know (2002) - Todd McFarlane, Wanda McFarlane, Al Simmons - Posted: April 28th, 2002

Tokyo Olympiad (1965) - Abebe Bikila - Posted: October 30th, 2002

Too Hot Not To Handle (2006) - Michael Oppenheimer, Donald Kennedy, Stephen Schneider, Laurence Kaulkstein, Richard Somerville, Daniel Schrag, Jonathan Patz, Tim Wigley, Kevin Trenberth, Paul Epstein, Jonathan Foley, William Collins, Scott Pattee, Michael Scott, Steve George, William Reisen, Lewis Ziska, Susan Hassol, Bruce Molnia, Harold Wanless, Steve Welsch, Dave Bassage, David Friedman, Kerry Emanuel, Terry L. Root, Martin Hoffret, Robert Barlow, Paul Dana, Ron Lamberty, Willie Nelson, Christopher Rowell, Kenneth Yates, James Gustave Speth, James E. Rogers, David Hawkins, Tom Potter, Howard Shapiro, John Emerick, William McDonough, Derek Smith, David Yudkin, Temple Dickinson, Greg Wortham - Posted: September 11th, 2006

To the Moon (1999) - Gene Cernan, Frank Borman - Posted: November 10th, 2000

Touch The Sound (2004) - Evelyn Glennie - Posted: June 1st, 2006

Trekkies 2 (2004) - Denise Crosby - Posted: August 31st, 2004

Triumph of the Will: Special Edition (1935) - Adolf Hitler, Rudolf Hess, Josef Goebbels, Heinrich Himmler, Hermann G?ring - Posted: March 27th, 2006

Troy: Myth or Reality? (2004) - Donald Easton, Tony Spawforth, Ken Wardle, Peter Clayton, Malcolm Todd, Niall McKeon, Brian Blessed - Posted: June 1st, 2004

The True Meaning of Pictures: Shelby Lee Adams' Appalachia (2002) - Shelby Lee Adams - Posted: November 24th, 2003

The 20th Century: A Moving Visual History (2000) - Theodore Roosevelt, William Jefferson Clinton, and others - Posted: May 30th, 2000

Twin Towers (2003) - - Posted: October 21st, 2004

Ultimate X: The Movie (2002) - Bob Burnquist, Brian Deegan, Tony Hawk, Dave Mirra, Carey Hart, Matt Hoffman, Bucky Lasek, T.J. Lavin, Ryan Nyquist - Posted: March 4th, 2003

Unchained Memories: Readings From the Slave Narratives (2003) - Angela Bassett, Michael Boatman, Roscoe Lee Browne, Don Cheadle, Sandra Daley, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, Whoopi Goldberg, Robert Guillaume, Jasmine Guy, Samuel L. Jackson, CCH Pounder, LaTanya Richardson, Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Roger Guenveur Smith, Courtney B. Vance, Vanessa Williams, Oprah Winfrey, Alfre Woodard - Posted: November 13th, 2003

Uncounted: The New Math of American Elections (2007) - George W. Bush, John Kerry, Cynthia McKinney, John Conyers - Posted: August 18th, 2008

Underground Railroad (1999) - Alfre Woodard - Posted: March 13th, 2003

The Unexplained (1997-1998) - Nicolas Strathloch, Bobby Mackey, Kathy & Dale McKinley - Posted: April 26th, 2001

Unfinished Business: The Japanese-American Internment Camps (1986) - Amy Hill, Gordon Hirabayashi, Fred Korematsu, Min Yasui - Posted: June 15th, 2006

Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson (2004) - Keith David, Samuel L. Jackson - Posted: January 13th, 2005

The Universe (2002) - The universe - Posted: May 15th, 2003

The Unknown Jonathan Winters: On the Loose (2000) - Jonathan Winters - Posted: November 4th, 2000

The Unknown Marx Brothers (1993) - Groucho Marx, Harpo Marx, Chico Marx - Posted: November 1st, 2000

The Unknown Peter Sellers (2000) - Peter Sellers - Posted: November 4th, 2000

Unknown White Male (2005) - Doug Bruce, Rupert Murray - Posted: September 5th, 2006

Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election (2004) - George W. Bush, Katherine Harris, Al Gore, Jeb Bush, Warren Christopher, James A. Baker III - Posted: July 6th, 2004

An Unreasonable Man (2007) - Ralph Nader, Theresa Amato, Eric Alterman, Todd Gitlin, Joan Claybrook - Posted: July 20th, 2007

The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till (2005) - - Posted: February 27th, 2006

Vernon, Florida (1982) - - Posted: November 11th, 2005

VH1 Behind the Music: Mötley Crüe (1999) - Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee, Mick Mars, Vince Neil - Posted: November 7th, 2000

The Vice Guide to Travel (2006) - Jesse Pearson, Shane Smith, Spike Jonze, Jake Burghart, Eddy Moretti, Pella Kagerman, Sureesh Alvi, Johnny Knoxville, Derrick Beckles, Trace Crutchfield, David Choe, Gavin McInnes, David Cross - Posted: October 26th, 2006

Victory at Sea (1952-1953) - Leonard Graves - Posted: November 9th, 2003

Volcanoes of the Deep Sea (2003) - Ed Harris, narrator - Posted: September 2nd, 2005

Walking With Cavemen (2003) - Andrew Sachs, David Rubin, Rachel Essex, Florence Spanham, Faroque Khan - Posted: June 16th, 2003

Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price (2005) - - Posted: December 6th, 2005

War Is Sell (2004) - Sheldon Rampton, John Stauber, Mary Skinner, Nancy Snow, Rahul Mahajan, Neil Whitehead - Posted: January 18th, 2006

The War Room (1993) - James Carville, George Stephanopoulos - Posted: October 4th, 2004

The War Tapes (2007) - Zack Bazzi, Mike Moriarity, Steve Pink - Posted: June 18th, 2007

Wasted Orient (2007) - Bian Yuan, Liu Hao, Fan Bo, Yang Yang, Xin Shuang - Posted: September 24th, 2007

Wattstax (1973) - Isaac Hayes, The Staples Singers, Luther Ingram, Johnnie Taylor, The Emotions, Rufus Thomas, Carla Thomas, Albert King - Posted: October 6th, 2004

The Weather Underground (2003) - - Posted: May 25th, 2004

Whales: An Unforgettable Journey (1997) - Patrick Stewart, narrator - Posted: September 12th, 2000

What a Blast Collection (1999) - Eric Kelley and Anna Chong (Engineered Demolition), Steve Pettigrew (Demolition Dynamics), Steve Rainwater and Scott Gustafson (DemTech), Jim and Jared Redyke (Dykon) and others - Posted: August 18th, 2000

What Killed the Mega Beasts? (2002) - Terry Macdonald - Posted: November 19th, 2002

What Remains: The Life and Work of Sally Mann (2006) - Sally Mann - Posted: March 15th, 2008

When It Was a Game 3 (2000) - Liev Schreiber (narrator), Andre Braugher (passages) - Posted: December 23rd, 2000

When the Levees Broke (2006) - Ray Nagin, Kathleen Blanco, George W. Bush, Michael Brown, Michael Chertoff, Condoleezza Rice, Sean Penn, Terence Blanchard, Wynton Marsalis, Al Sharpton, Soledad O'Brien, Barbara Bush, Kanye West, Al Sharpton, Dick Cheney - Posted: January 3rd, 2007

When the Mountains Tremble (2004) - Rigoberta Menchu - Posted: August 29th, 2004

When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions (2008) - Gary Sinise, Gene Kranz, Chris Kraft, Jim Lovell, Frank Borman, John Young, Jim McDivitt, Bill Anders, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Al Bean, Gene Cernan, Fred Haise, Charlie Duke - Posted: January 9th, 2009

White Thunder (2004) - Varick Frissell - Posted: December 13th, 2004

Who's Dancin' Now (1999) - Jacques d'Amboise - Posted: August 2nd, 2001

William Eggleston in the Real World (2005) - William Eggleston - Posted: February 7th, 2006

William Gibson: No Maps for These Territories (2000) - William Gibson - Posted: December 7th, 2003

Winged Migration (2003) - - Posted: November 16th, 2003

Winston Churchill (1992/1994/1995) - Peter Graves, Martin Gilbert, Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, John James Evans, James Faulkner, John Charles Daly - Posted: August 27th, 2003

Winter Soldier (1972) - Joe Bangert, Scott Camil, Evan Haney, John Kerry, Michael Oliver, Rusty Sachs - Posted: May 15th, 2006

Wisconsin Death Trip (1999) - Ian Holm - Posted: February 22nd, 2004

W.I.S.O.R. The Robo-Welder (2000) - George Bartenieff, Babi Floyd, Gilbert Giles, Steve Gorevan, Tom Myrick, Sase Singh, Roopnatune - Posted: September 17th, 2001

Wonders Are Many: The Making Of Doctor Atomic (2007) - John Adams, Peter Sellars - Posted: April 3rd, 2009

Wordplay (2006) - Will Shortz, Bill Clinton, Jon Stewart, Bob Dole, Mike Mussina - Posted: November 7th, 2006

The World History of Organized Crime (2001) - Roger Mudd, Miguel Ferrer - Posted: May 10th, 2002

World Trade Center: Anatomy of the Collapse (2002) - Craig Sechler, narrator - Posted: September 30th, 2002

World War I in Color (2004) - Sir Kenneth Branagh - Posted: August 12th, 2005

WTC: The First 24 Hours (2002) - New York City - Posted: June 23rd, 2002

WWII: The Lost Color Archives (2000) - Edward Herrman, (narrator), Roger Mudd, (opening and closing commentary) - Posted: October 6th, 2000

World War II: The War In The Pacific (1993-1994) - Jack Perkins (Narrator) - Posted: September 26th, 2001

Yellowstone (IMAX) (1994) - Bart the Bear - Posted: October 27th, 2002

Yellowstone National Park (1993) - Geysers, waterfalls, nature - Posted: February 6th, 2002

Young @ Heart (2007) - Eileen Hall, Joe Benoit - Posted: September 24th, 2008

You So Crazy (1994) - Martin Lawrence - Posted: April 26th, 2001

Zoo (2007) - John Paulsen - Posted: October 10th, 2007